Enigma Extortion File Thirteen

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After collecting the set and deciphering the Extortion File 13, additional information under Enigma’s profile will be unlocked. All Files are scattered across the Coventry district and some of them are pretty tricky to solve/find.
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In the list below we described how to collect each of them and mark their locations.

List of all Enigma Extortion File 13 locations

  1. The first Extortion File is in the Northeastern part of Coventry, just South of the Gotham City Pioneer’s Bridge. When you reach the Southern part of Gotham Pioneers Bridge, grapple onto the catwalk above signs “EXITS 15-17, Arkham Islands”, you can collect it there without using any gadgets.
  2. There is another enigma datapack that you can secure at the corner of a building at Northeastern part of Coventry. This one is on ground level. In order to open the sealed lockbox that hides the datapack you should use quickfire throw batarangs against the three green switches that stand above this extortion device. Switches are located on the side of the pipe above the datapack (see screenshot for reference). Next, with help of the Batclaw gadget, you just collect the file.
  3. In order to collect this one, you should glide toward an air conditioner tube entrance from the building across from where the extortion file is. This tunnel leads to a switch that unlocks the sealed lockbox.
  4. On the top of a building in Northwestern County, you can find this “not so hidden” extortion file. Approach it and collect it.
  5. This one is easy to find because it is located underneath the letters “CO” of the “Coventry” sign on the in-game map. It is on a ceiling of a tunnel, between a working and a broken lamp.
  6. East of the GCR Comms Tower. Follow the railroad tracks until you reach a dead-end. Inside a structure, pick up a datapack from the ceiling.
  7. Southeast of Coventry’s GCR Tower, on the roof, plant an explosive at a wooden entrance of a small shack, activate it, and collect what you came for.
  8. At the most southwestern part of Coventry there is a building with large letters “A” and “B” on it. There is a wooden door bellow those letters, through which you will locate this extortion file.
  9. Location Still Unknown
  10. Location Still Unknown
There is another hidden enigma datapack at a southwestern corner of a building at the northwestern part of Coventry. In order to reach this extortion file that is on the ground level, you should pass through two heat pipe openings. We did not manage to take screenshots of this one, but we will and we’ll update the guide with full explanation on how to get it.
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