Enigma Extortion File Fourteen

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The whole set – Enigma Extortion File 14 can be located on Coventry map. Some of Enigma Datapacks are hidden in devices and you’ll have to hack them first in order to collect the files; while the others are easily spotted on the walls.
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Eight locations that we found so far are listed below. You’ll also need Remote Claw (invisible Predator Upgrades) unlocked after defeating Deathstroke during Story Mode.

  1. On the wall next to an old air-conditioner you can spot the first file. Use Batclaw to pick it up.
  2. In the western part of the map area, you’ll find device on the roof top, hooked on the wall, and three pressure pad in front of it. In order to unlock datapack, you have to jump from one to another pad without touching ground. Use Remote Claw to stretch cables between Industrial chimney. Step on the first pressure pad, then grapple up and glide down onto another pressure pad.
  3. Head south, in a building next to the bridge you will find a locked device. Use Cryptographic Sequencer to decipher it.
  4. The next one can be spotted in detective vision, behind the wall. You don’t need any additional weapon to pick it up from the wall.
  5. The fifth File is on the wall across from the building where you picked up the previous one.
  6. Another locked datapack hidden on the wall next to garage entrance. Use your Cryptographic Sequencer in order to hack it.
  7. In order to collect next Enigma File, you should destroy 4 green lights. Tap to quickfire throw batarang towards three green lights below the red device, and use Remote Controlled Batarang for the one above it.
  8. Unknown Location
  9. In the central part of the Coventry map, the next File is on the wall behind the fence. You can destroy the fence or glide from nearby buildings in order to reach it.
  10. Unknown location
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