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Cale-Anderson Anarky tag

Cale-Anderson Anarky

Hidden symbol numbered 32 under Gotham City Intel menu is Cale-Anderson Anarky. The sign is on the building in Coventry district, in the Northern map area, hidden on a wall, next to the bottom left corner of the hooked machinery.

Wayne Enterprises Anarky tag

Wayne Enterprises Anarky

Anarky Tag located on Wayne Enterprises building is hidden on a wall next to delivery truck. The hidden symbol is located in Coventry district. It can be spotted in the central map area west of Lacey Towers. When you find a huge neon sign W ENT, glide down towards delivery truck on the street. Tag becomes visible only when you activate Detective Vision mode.

Extortion File 13 3 Map Location

Enigma Extortion File Thirteen

Collecting all Extortion Files collected under number 13 will unlock additional information under Enigma’s profile. We did the searching for you and have screenshots and maps and detailed explanation on how to find all of Enigma datapacks in Coventry for this collection.