Batman Gotham City Cinema Anarky Tag Location

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Gotham City CinemaGotham City Cinema Anarky Tag 18 is a hidden symbol under Gotham City Intel menu. Head towards northern Diamond District map area.
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Turn left near the Royal Hotel and look for the Gotham City Cinema building. Huge EX-MAS builbord hides Anarky Tag. Scan it while in Detective mode in order to collect the tag.

Gotham City Cinema Anarky Tag Text
Come one, come all to pay homage to our plastic pantheon of demigods. You may not touch, only watch. No, their glorious image will be projected on a big screen while they spout triple and dreck. They are presented to you larger than life to ensure that you realize that you are just a small, insignificant, and powerless mortal in the shadow of their greatness. Tremble in their presence and despair at your inadequacy. And don’t forget to stop at the concession to fill your face with sugar-treats and salty-swill where all proceeds go to the Falcone crime family.
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