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rooftop of the building next to soder cola

Soder Cola Anarky

Soder Cola Anarky Tag 11 is a hidden symbol under Gotham City Intel menu. Head towards north-east Diamond District map area, and look for a huge bottle on the building wall or a neon sign Soder Cola on the rooftop.

Cale-Anderson Anarky tag

Cale-Anderson Anarky

Hidden symbol numbered 32 under Gotham City Intel menu is Cale-Anderson Anarky. The sign is on the building in Coventry district, in the Northern map area, hidden on a wall, next to the bottom left corner of the hooked machinery.

Wayne Enterprises Anarky tag

Wayne Enterprises Anarky

Anarky Tag located on Wayne Enterprises building is hidden on a wall next to delivery truck. The hidden symbol is located in Coventry district. It can be spotted in the central map area west of Lacey Towers. When you find a huge neon sign W ENT, glide down towards delivery truck on the street. Tag becomes visible only when you activate Detective Vision mode.