Batman Gotham City Royal Hotel Anarky Tag Location

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gotham city royal hotelGotham City Royal Hotel Anarky Tag 15 is a hidden symbol under Gotham City Intel menu. Head towards north-east Diamond District map area.
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Go around the building and look for a parking lot.
When you reach garage doors with “R” sign above, pass them by and head towards a door in the corner. Scan the Tag on the door while in Detective mode.

Gotham City Royal Hotel Anarky Tag Text
This hotel serves as a playground for our corporate masters where a one night stays costs more than the average worker brings home in a month. They must feel like if they raise themselves up high enough, they will escape our anger. Or perhaps they think that the stench of the street will not reach them in their lofty rooms. They look down on us, but we will rise up and tear them down. In this den of iniquity, the elite have been caught in sex, drug, and racketeering scandals. Over the hotel’s history no fewer than seventeen city councillors, three mayors, eight senators, and a governor have been caught in some kind of criminal activity. But you won’t hear about this in the Daily because the elite have servants – bribed to cover up scandals and dump bodies. And you wonder why the Royal tolerates all that mob activity ? The man on the street caught with illicit narcotics goes away for five, ten, twenty years. But the city councillor caught with two dead strippers gets a rigged election? Well that makes him mayor. And the two girls? They get a burial at the sea and their names wiped from history. We can’t bring those girls back, but we can send them some company.
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