Batman Hamilton Hill Anarky Tag Location

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hidden simbol on the buildingHamilton Hill Anarky Tag 16 is a hidden symbol under Gotham City Intel menu. Head towards northern Burney, and approach Hamilton Hill building from the south-west.
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The symbol is well hidden, and it was very tricky to find it.
Grapple up to the rooftop and move towards a huge sign. Look for a square area between the buildings, and glide down on the ground level. Anarky Tag is hidden on the south wall of the building.

Hamilton Hill Anarky Tag Text
Our dutiful mayor, Hamilton Hill made his money in insurance, that is, by making promises to pay people when they were in need, and then making excuses not to pay them at all. And yet he is not branded a thief, a fraudster – no, he’s “elected” mayor. Now, he’s free to raid our city coffers to pay for whatever projects his masters deem worthy – masters like Rupert Thorne. And he thinks the people are not watching. We know what he did with those two girls at the Gotham Royal. And we will bring it into the light for all to see.
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