How to Defeat Killer Croc in Batman Arkham Origins

It is rather easy to defeat Killer Croc in the new Batman game, if you are follow a couple of rules. Defeating Killer Croc is the objective you get at the very end of the first Batman: Arkham Origins mission, inside of the Blackgate Prison.
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Killer Croc is one of the eight assassins that are after Batman’s head. You barely start the game and you already have to face him.

Note: Before you start the fight with Killer Croc be sure to get to know the game controls. It is crucial, for flawless execution, to remember game commands like:
  • Tap to quickfire batarang
  • Double tap to evade
  • Cape stun, strike and others

Defeat Killer Croc

Killer Croc has two main attacks that you should be aware of and react properly against:
  1. When you see the red warning prompts over Killer Croc’s head use evade to avoid taking damage because Killer Croc’s attacks cannot be countered. (and if he hits you it takes quite a lot of health)
  2. When you are disabled by the game during the fight, when Killer Croc goes for white explosive gas tanks and new enemies arrive by helicopter, be ready to quickfire throw batarang toward the Killer Croc’s location. This will result in white gas tank explosion, thus greatly reducing Killer Croc’s health and enemies around him.
The rest of the fight is pretty straightforward, like with any other mob in the game. We hope these little tips help you defeat Killer Croc easily.
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