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If you are looking for the entrance into the Lacey Tower for the mission Locate Black Mask please check out How to enter Lacey Tower Guide. Bellow you will find instructions on how to find one of the Anarky collectibles.

batman arkham origins lacey towers anarky tagLacey Towers Anarky Tag is a hidden symbol located in Coventry district.
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It can be spotted on the Lacey Tower building, in the central map area. Tag becomes visible only when you activate Detective Vision mode.
In the middle of the building, look for a huge metal pipe. Anarky Tag appears on the metal construction which connects the pipe with the Tower. The construction consists of four metal plates, and the tag can be spotted in the upper right corner. When you approach it, scan the sign while in Detective Vision mode.
Lacey Towers Anarky Tag Text
Voltaire says that the comfort of the reach depends on an abundance of the poor. If that’s true, then the residents of Lacey Towers are very, very comfortable. It’s the home of fasco-capitalists and criminals. Most of these suites are empty. Do you know why? Because their owners live in mansions all over this country. They keep these condosfor friends, for entertainment, for a place to stay on the odd time they visit our fair city. There are people in the alleys around this building that sleep in paper boxes,and these bourgeois bastards can afford to spend millions on luxury condos that they don’t even need. What have they done that is so deserving of this affluence, that they may live in such sick opulence while those of us who slave under them must beg for their charity to feed ourselves? We will tear them down while they scream of their superiority.
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