Animus Shard Locations - ACC China Memory Sequence 3

Animus Shards are collectible items in Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China. Collecting them all would give you the Shiny trophy.
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There are fourteen of them in Memory Sequence 3: The Port. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Animus Shards in Memory Sequence 3. We also have a guide with locations of Animus Shards in Memory Sequence 2.

First Animus Shard

While you’re on the objective “Reach The Deck Of The Chinese War Ship”, you’ll be climbing through the hold. The first shard is on the ceiling of the highest floor, right below deck.

Second Animus Shard

After you receive the objective “Escape The Chinese War Ship”, climb the left mast and jump to the left. Keep going left and climbing until you reach the end of the ship. The shard will be there, under the red flag.

Third Animus Shard

The next shard is on top of the middle left mast.

Fourth Animus Shard

Drop down to the right, then go as far right as you can without jumping down. Descend the mast to find the shard below.

Animus Shard No.5

After abandoning the ship, while doing the “Reach The Port Tower Bridge” task, you’ll reach an area with pontoons. There is a boat you can throw your knife at to make it move to another plane. You should then cross it to get to the shard.

Animus Shard #6

Return the boat to where it was and cross it to get to the boathouse. Go right while climbing until you reach the two guards. Jump down, then drop off the ledge and grab the fishing net. Shimmy to the left, climb the platform, kill the guard and get the shard.

Animus Shard No. Seven

Go back to where the two guards are, drop down and jump onto the pole to the right. The shard is next to the middle pole.

Eighth Animus Shard

During the “Reach The Floating Pontoons” objective, you’ll reach a large building in the port. Enter the lowest floor, then go all the way to the right. You’ll have to crawl through a narrow passage to get to the shard.

Ninth Animus Shard

Exit the crawlspace, then climb up and go left. When you reach a fishing net on the wall, climb it to the top. Go all the way to the right, then drop down to get the shard. Watch out for the patrol!

Tenth Animus Shard

When you reach the large ship, enter it and go up until you reach a big room with two guards and a lookout. Go left, to the outside using the net, then up the beams. Grab onto the ceiling – the shard is above the two guards.

Animus Shard #11

Jump off the ship to the right and climb the building. The shard is on a walkway on the right.

Animus Shard #12

While doing a “Find A Way To Raise The Fortress Bridge” task, you’ll pass a stone bridge. Go right and climb down the red ladder. Run all the way to the left, then walk the beam to change planes. You’ll pick up the shard while on the beam.

Thirteenth Animus Shard

Walk the beam again, the go right a bit, then walk another beam (before you reach the red ladder). Go right to find the shard.

Fourteenth Animus Shard

When you get the “Kill The Templar Informants” task, go to the stone gate, then climb down the net. The shard will be to your left.


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