Alternate Color Scheme For Costumes | Mortal Kombat X

There are different colored skins for each outfit in Mortal Kombat X – one for player 1 and another for player 2, in case both of them choose the same character and outfit. Some of the player 2 skins look better than the originals.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you a trick that lets you change the color of your outfit at will. We also have an Alternate Costume Guide, if that’s what you’re looking for.

mortal kombat x costume colors

How To Change Costume Color In MKX

When you’re in the Select screen, choose your character, then open up the outfits menu (press Square on PS4, or X on Xbox). When the costumes are listed, press Options (or Menu/Start, depending on the console). If you’re playing on PC, press O to bring up the costume menu, then Insert to change the skin. The color will change, but it won’t show while you’re on the Select screen. You’ll only be able to see it once the match has started. Enjoy your new (old) outfits!



  1. S

    It works thanks a lot!!

  2. F

    Which one is Insert?

    1. D

      Hey, it’s the ‘insert’ button on the keyboard. It works! Exactly! Most player 2 skins seem better!!!

  3. G
    Gustavo Pineda

    What do you do after you press the costume button on the xbox one/xbox?

    1. M

      Its the pause button

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