A Bloody Feast Quest in Assassin's Creed Odyssey - How to Complete

A Bloody Feast is one of the main quests in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. In it, you have to accuse one of the kings of Sparta of being a member of the Cult of Kosmos. It is implied that you have to have proof before accusing the guilty king, but that turns out to not exactly be true. That can cause some confusion. To help you out, here’s our AC Odyssey A Bloody Feast quest guide to explain how to complete it.

AC Odyssey A Bloody Feast Quest - How to Complete
AC Odyssey A Bloody Feast Quest – How to Complete

AC Odyssey Bloody Feast Quest Clues About Spartan King Cult Member

By the time you’ve reached the Bloody Feast quest in AC Odyssey, you’ve probably been looking for all the clues that you have to use to back up your claim against one of the kings of Sparta. Finding the clues is annoying as hell, and involves completing some side quests; and, as it turns out, completely unnecessary. This is both good news or bad news, depending on how much time you’ve spent looking for them. As it turns out, you don’t need any proof at all; it’s a story mission, you’ll be able to pull it off no matter what you do. The way the quest plays out will be somewhat different, but not significantly so.

EDIT: As some of you have pointed out in the comments (thank you, Zelor), finding all the clues seems to be connected to the choice of whether or not you kill Monger in the theater or the cave. Long story short, what you choose there decides whether or not you get to spare Lagos, which becomes key in A Bloody Feast. However, this doesn’t change the fact that you just don’t need the clues to complete the quest successfully.

How to Complete A Bloody Feast Ac Odyssey Quest?

To complete the AC Odyssey quest called A Bloody Feast, you first have to know which Spartan King to accuse of being a member of the Cult of Kosmos. It’s Pausanias, so be sure to accuse him. Again, it doesn’t matter at all if you have the proof or not. If you have proof, the people will exile Pausanias, and you’ll be able to find him alone on the road and kill him there, without too much fuss.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have any evidence, they’ll throw you out of Sparta. But, why would that stop you? All you have to do is sneak back into the city, find Pausanias in the streets, and kill him. The only real difference is that the guards will be on alert. If you’re not careful, you’ll get into a whole lot of trouble. Finding Pausanias won’t be a trouble at all; the game will mark him for you. Additionally, you can use Ikaros to find him. Once you dispatch him and confirm the kill, you’ll get the Xiphos of Dionysos Legendary Sword. All that’s left from there is to report to King Archidamos and, afterwards, Myrrine. All is again well.

That’s all there is to it. If you need help with the other members of the Cult of Kosmos, you can check out our other guides on the subject, including Attika Cultist Location, Delian League, and The Silver Line.

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    but what side quest did you have to complete for all clues i am at 4/5…i am missing the 4th from the top…


      Same, I’m missing the same clue and idk where to find it


        The site makes it clear, you have to notr kill Lagos, but thats only possible if you did not kill the monger in the theater.


    Misleading article. Completing all the clues does depends on your past choices, it’s not about doing secondary missions alone. You must have been entirely pacifist (Lagos leaves the cult after you save his family) or entirely aggressive (you must have killed Stentor) during all your past dialogues. If you didn’t do that, the story glitches and you won’t be able to gather all clues (despite the game hinting at you otherwise). There is no workaround except restarting the whole game.


      Ummm no. You are wrong.
      I finished this quest 3 times by “all proofs” without thinking any of my previous decisions.
      You just need to kill the entire Peloppo League Cult.

      As long you killed the entire league and able to unmask the King, you are good.

      Play the game again, i did it 4 times in a row now.


        Actually I have killed all of the pelo league but still only have 4/5 clues.


        I killed every cultist (Except Lagos, I spared him but why would that be an issue) but still had 4/5 clues. It’s either bugged or there’s a serious design flaw.


        He’s not wrong tho, it’s not possible to get the last clue if you kill Monger in the theater and if you spare Stentor. You either gotta kill Monger in cave and spare Lagos or kill Stentor.


    Well damn looks like I’m getting tossed out of Sparta for 10 minutes.


    Had the same problem, but fixed it by killing stentor who bacame a merc and got last clue


    Easy fix just hunt and kill stentor who becomes a merc if u let him live and get the last clue.


      Where do you find Stentor when he becomes a mercenary ?


        did you find him?

      Jakob Dodson

      Whrre did you guys find him

    Wild horse

    This is kinda irrelevant but the blood feast quest didn’t appear for me after I did all the previous quests


    The best part about this mission, is when the Spartans aren’t trying to defend the exiled king, the citizens are.


    where is stentor as a mercenary?

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