Pilgrim's Set Legendary Armor - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Pilgrim’s Set is one of the AC Odyssey legendary armor sets. This costume will make you look like Ezio, if Ezio spent the last 20 years living under a bridge. It’s the closest you’ll get to the iconic Assassin’s Creed outfit, and it offers some interesting bonuses. If you’re interested in how to get it, or what the pieces actually do, keep reading our AC Odyssey Pilgrim’s set legendary armor guide.

ac odyssey pilgrim's set legendary armor
AC Odyssey Pilgrim’s Set Legendary Armor

How to get Pilgrim’s set in AC Odyssey?

This set is different that all the other legendary armor sets, at least when it comes to getting it. It doesn’t involve killing cultist, or defeating mercenaries, or fighting in the arena. You’ll just have to find and open five legendary chests.

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AC Odyssey legendary armor – Pilgrim’s set

Wearing the entire set will make you look like hobo Ezio – that’s the important part. Aside from that, it will also grant you the set bonus which lets you spend 40% less adrenaline when using the Shadow Of Nyx ability, essentialy making going invisible twice as cheap. The pieces also have their own perks, that will help you become a better assassin.

Pilgrim’s Hood

ac odyssey pilgrim's hood

The hood is mostly white, with red going along the edge, decorated with one of the patterns that were popular at the time. No spike on the forehead, so it’s not entirely assassiny. It will give you +15% assassin damage and +15% damage with daggers, making you a lot more stabby.

Pilgrim’s Garment

ac odyssey pilgrim's garment

The torso piece is mostly white cloth with some leather straps across the chest and one leather pauldron protecting the right shoulder. Not too pretty to look at, but it does give you +15% assassin damage and +25% adrenaline on assassination kill. It makes you excited for murder, in other words.

Pilgrim’s Gloves

ac odyssey pilgrim's gloves

The bracers (because they’re not gloves) are pretty simple – some red cloth reinforced with leather, held together by thin straps of some animal’s skin. There’s a bracelet on the right wrist, too. They’ll give you perks that add 15% assassin damage and give you 15% more adrenaline per hit.

Pilgrim’s Belt

ac odyssey pilgrim's belt

The belt is actually three belts at once, which has to be some kind of fashion faux pas. The base is made of white cloth, then comes the red sash, then a leather belt with tassets, then another leather belt with a pouch. I’m no fasion expert, but that seems like too many belts. It will give you +15% assassin damage and 25% adrenaline on assassination kill.

Pilgrim’s Boots

ac odyssey pilgrim's boots

Another pair of sandals the game insists of calling boots. The right one is nothing but leather straps going around the calf, while the left one has a shin guard. I guess pilgrims are ok with losing one leg. It gives the wearer +15% assassin damage +20% movement speed while crouching.

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