Demigod Set Legendary Armor - AC Odyssey

Demigod set is one of the legendary armor sets of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It’s an imposing outfit with lots of shiny plate pieces, and some leather (which looks like it has more of a decorative purpose). It offers a powerful and all around useful set bonus. You’ll get most of the set while playing one of the main story branches, but one piece proved to be quite elusive. This guide is going to help you get the entire AC Odyssey legendary armor Demigod set, by showing you where to find the pieces, what they look like and their stats.

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ac odyssey demigod set legendary armor
AC Odyssey Demigod Set Legendary Armor

Heavy spoilers abound – the identity of the Cult of Kosmos leader is revealed below. Proceed at your own risk.

How to get Demigod helmet / head piece?

Unlike most other legendary armor sets, you’ll get four of the five pieces while playing through the family branch of the main story. No cultist hunting this time. However, once you’ve collected them, you’ll notice you’re missing the head piece/helmet.

The head piece can be obtained by defeating the main cultist – the mysterious person at the center of the Cult of Kosmos diagram. Find out their identity and confront them – you’ll get the helmet no matter what you choose during the confrontation.

AC Odyssey legendary armor – Demigod set

The Demigod set looks pretty majestic – all brass plates and tanned leather. It also offers a pretty universal set bonus, which is +10% damage with all abilities. It’s going to be a great fit for people with varied play styles, or those who have troube committing to one branch of the skill tree.

Aspasia’s Circlet

ac odyssey aspasia's circlet

The head piece is a gold circlet – it’s a mystery how it offers any protection at all, but we’ll just have to let it slide. It’s basically a tiara, and will make you look like a princess. It will also give you +15% warrior damage, along with an additional +5% damage regardless of style.

Demigod’s Chestplate

ac odyssey demigods chestplate

The chestplate is made of some kind of brass, modeled to follow the contours of the wearer’s body. The shoulders are protected by a pauldrons made from tanned leather, with decorative strips falling down the upper arms. It will give you +15% warrior damage, and +5% all damage on top of that.

Demigod’s Bracers

ac odyssey demigod's bracers

The bracers cover the entire forearms. They’re made of the same alloy as the chestplate, and are decorated with similar motifs. They’ll give you +15% warrior damage, as well as +5% to all damage.

Demigod’s Belt

ac odyssey demigod's belt

The waist piece looks like it might be leather, but it also may be metal. It’s a skirt that’s split in the middle, with longer parts covering the upper thighs. You may have already guessed, but it has two perks – +15% warrior damage and +5% all damage.

Demigod’s Boots

ac odyssey demigod's boots

Like with most other footwear in the game, these aren’t actually boots. They’re knee-high sandals, or something. The bottom part is definitely what we’d call sandals, but there are also shin guards that reach the knees, made of the same material as the chestplate. Since this is the most boring armor set in terms of perks, expect another +15% warrior damage and +5% all damage.



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    Demigod set id’s please?

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    Its is called aspasia’s circlet guys!

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    I’m pretty sure it’s called demi gods Crown

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