How to Unlock Evie from Syndicate - Can't Access in AC Odyssey

Evie from Syndicate is a ship lieutenant you can unlock in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. To get Evie as a lieutenant for Adrestia, you have to get the Master Assassin badge in Ubisoft Club. The trouble is that unlocking Evie with the badge is more difficult than it sounds. Moreover, a lot of players have been having trouble accessing Evie in the game after getting her. To answer your question, here’s our AC Odyssey how to get Evie from Syndicate guide.

AC Odyssey How to Unlock Evie from Syndicate - Can't Access
AC Odyssey How to Unlock Evie from Syndicate – Can’t Access

AC Odyssey – How to Get Evie Lieutenant from AC Syndicate?

To unlock Evie from Syndicate as a lieutenant for your ship Adrestia in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you’ll have to grind quite a bit. Basically, she is a reward from the Ubisoft Club, making her essentially free DLC. The problem is that you’ll have to grind quite a bit to unlock her.

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If you go to the Ubisoft Club page, you’ll see that you need the Master Assassin Badge to get Evie as a lieutenant on your AC Odyssey ship. To get the Master Assassin badge, well you’ll have to “reach 7500 XP in all Assassin’s Creed games,” as the page says. Now, the wording here is incredibly confusing. It honestly sounds like you have to get 7500 XP from every single Assassin’s Creed game, which is ludicrous. What it means is that you have to get 7500 XP from across any number of the Assassin’s Creed games. This makes the task much easier. However, there’s another problem, which brings us to our next section.

Evie Ubisoft Club Reward Not Appearing – Can’t Access in AC Odyssey

Currently, a shocking amount of players that have unlocked the Evie Lieutenant as a Ubisoft Club reward can’t access her in AC Odyssey. Mind you, most of them do know that you can’t play as Evie; you can only use her as a crew member on your ship. Reports have been coming in across all platforms, so this doesn’t seem to be a platform-specific issue; it’s been plaguing everybody. Even we have encountered the same problem.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a fix for the issue of Evie not appearing in AC Odyssey, on any platform. The good news is that the developers have been notified of the problem on the official forum, so rest assured that somebody will be addressing the issue. Until then, though, you’ll just have to stay patient.

While you’re waiting for Evie to become available, check out our How to Get Legendary Lieutenants for Ship guide to tide you over. You can also check out some of our other AC Odyssey guides, including Sphinx Riddle Solutions – Riddle Me This Trophy and How to Get Unicorn Epic Horse Skin.

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