AC Odyssey New Game Plus Bug Makes Items Disappear

New game plus was added to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in a recent update. The patch allowed you to restart your journey after you’ve finished it, while keeping all your gear. However, there’s a pretty big problem with NG+, one which makes weapons disappear from your inventory. It’s a pretty nasty issue, and if you’re wondering how to avoid it, we’ll list all the solutions we discover in our AC Odyssey new game plus item disappearing bug guide.

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ac odyssey new game plus bug disappearing items
AC Odyssey New Game Plus Bug Makes Items Disappear

Items disappearing in new game +

First of all, the developers at Ubisoft seem to be aware of the issue. It’s possible it’s going to be fixed in one of the upcoming patches. They obviously have other stuff on their place, what with Bloodline releasing today and all. The best way to avoid this bug would be to avoid playing new game plus at all until it’s repaired.

If you’ve already started a NG+ run, save often and check your gear from time to time. The only way to get back the lost equipment is to reload an earlier save. It can be an autosave as well, but manual saves are more reliable.

It seems like the bug only happens when you defeat an enemy that’s supposed to give you an item you already have. The item they drop should be of a higher level than the one you’re already using, but for some reason, it often doesn’t drop, making the old version disappear along with it. We’ve heard reports of the missing items reappearing after a while, but that’s not something you should bet on, especially if it’s an item you actually want to use.

Your best bet would be to avoid new game plus, or save often and reload if and when an item disappears from your inventory.

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