AC Odyssey Order of Dominion Cultist Locations - For Love of Persia

Order of Dominion in AC Odyssey are a new cultist branch for you to find and kill. They’ve been added in the new episode of the Legacy of the First Blade DLC. Finding all the Order of Dominion cultists is tied to an achievement / trophy, For Love of Persia. Several cultists of the Order of Dominion are tied to story progression, but several of them you’ll have to track down yourself. So, our AC Odyssey Order of Dominion Cultist Locations – For Love of Persia guide will show you where to find the cultists that aren’t story-related, and so earn the For Love of Persia trophy / achievement.

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There are seven Order of Dominion cultists in the Bloodline DLC. Four of them are story-related, meaning that you will run into them by playing through the main campaign missions. These cultists are The Immortals, Dimokrates the Destroyer, Gergis the Herald, and Amorges, the Tusk of Persia. The other three, you’ll have to gather clues for, and uncover them yourself. These are Artazostre the Silence, Pithias the Architect, and Gaspar the Gatekeeper. Let’s explain how to find them and their corresponding clues.

Where to Find Order of Dominion Cultist Clue Location – Artazostre The Silence

To find the clue that leads you to Artazostre The Silence, you’ll have to go to Kaedas Cave. It’s a location in the northeast of the Valley of Aristomenes, in Messenia. Kaedas Cave is marked on the map as a bandit camp, so you’ll have to be careful there. Either kill everyone or sneak around them, and drop down into the pit. The clue will be on a corpse at the bottom.

As for the location of Artazostre herself, she seems to be somewhat mobile. You might come across her as close-by as on the path in the north of the Valley of Aristomenes. Really, though, the best solution is to follow the marker on the map leading to her, and make her regret the decisions that led to this point in life.

Pithias The Architect Order of Dominion Cultist Location – Where to Find Clue?

To find the clue leading to Pithias the Architect of the Order of Dominion, you’ll have to go to the south of Messenia. Specifically, to the south-southeast of the Bay of Hades region. There’s a hunter camp there called Pedasos Camp that you’ll have to clear out. Search one of the… shacks? awnings? and find the document next to the leopard skin.

Pithias himself is back in the Valley of Aristomenes, in the town, in Aipeia. Once again, just follow the marker on the map, and you’ll find him. Just don’t come in guns a-blazin’, because he has a posse following him around. Just be ready to rumble.

Order of Ancients – Gaspar the Gatekeeper – Where to Find Dominion Cultist Clues?

The clue leading to Gaspar of the Order of Dominion cultist branch is southwest of Mount Ithome Fort, which itself is in the north of the Bay of Hades. Going southwest of it will lead you into the marshes. Explore close to the road at the edge of the marsh, and you’ll come across a corpse that will have the clue on it.

Gaspar herself is in the northeast of Messenia, in the area called Mines of the Great Trench. Specifically, you’ll find your target inside the cave called Terror Gorge. It’s not much of a challenge, the cave; it’s fairly linear. Just keep your wits about you, and you shouldn’t have much trouble. If you’ve already killed the story-related cultists, this will then earn you the For Love of Persia trophy / achievement.

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