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Poseidon’s Trident legendary spear is one of the best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It’s a polearm that increases warrior and crit damage, while also allowing you to breath underwater. It’s a great tool to help you explore underwater locations, since it allows you to dive indefinitely. If you want to get it, you’ll need to visit a remote location and fight off some dangerous beasts. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find AC Odyssey Poseidon’s Trident legendary weapon.

ac odyssey poseidon's trident legendary weapon
AC Odyssey Poseidon’s Trident Legendary Weapon Location – Unlimited Underwater Breathing

Where to find Poseidon’s Trident legendary spear?

The trident can be found in one of the legendary chests. You’ll find it at the Temple of Poseidon, on a small unnamed island in the far east of the map. The island is between Chios in the north and Samos in the south. You’ll spot it from a distance, thanks to the big statue of Poseidon on one of the rocks.

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Once you get there, you’ll have to fight several level 41 lions before you can loot the chest. One of them is an alfa, so be careful. When you’ve defeated them, open the big ornate chest in the middle of the temple, and you’ll get the spear.

How to get unlimited underwater breathing engraving?

If you look at the spear’s stats, you’ll notice it has a perk called Breathe Underwater. This means you’ll be able to dive indefinitely while you have the spear equipped. More importantly, gettin the spear unlocks the Breath Underwater engraving, which you can use on any weapon you like. This means you can even change your weapon and still retain the ability to stay under water as long as you like.

Of course, this means you’ll block yourself from engraving said weapon with a potentially better perk, so you’d best think carefully how much you really value this ability.

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