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Blasphemer & Just Laws are papyrus puzzles in Assassin’s Creed Origins. They’re a type of challenge that requires you to find a scroll with a riddle, then solve it using the provided hints. Figuring it out will lead you to some nice treasure. They can be tough to solve, so we’ve decided to help you out by writing a guide about AC Origins Blasphemer & Just Laws papyrus puzzle.

Blasphemer papyrus riddle solution

This papyrus is at the Valley Market in Euhemeria, in the south of the Faiyum province. The market is southeast of the town, and the scroll is on a table in one of the stalls on the upper level (the one with the yellow tarp).

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Description: There is a place of remembrance for the unfortunate masses in north west Haueris Nome. While I rest here, immobile, I cannot escape Ra’s grace, but at least every dawn I avoid him longer than the others.

As the scroll says, head to northwestern Haueris Nome. You’re looking for a place that’s like a poor people’s graveyard, with a bunch of tiny pyramids. One of them is apart from the others, higher up in the hill. The hill lets it stay in the shadow longer than the rest, which is what the riddle speaks about. You’ll find the treasure on the ground in front of it.

Just Laws papyrus puzzle solution

You can find the scroll at the House of Iwn, in the northern part of the Faiyum Oasis. You’ll find it on the table, in the middle of the building with the vines around the entrance, the one with color pools in front of it.

Description: In Atef-Pehu Nome there is a law that states that you can only make pottery on the east side of the road. I’m hidden atop the one illegal clay smoker in the region.

Go to the area the scroll mentions – it’s a bit northeast from where the Faiyum Oasis. Follow the road north from Kerke until you around the middle of the zone. Keep your eyes on the west side of the road, and you’ll soon notice a smoker. Climb it, and you’ll find the treasure among the pottery up top.

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