Assassin's Creed Origins Combat Video Shows Camels On Fire

There’s a new video of Assassin’s Creed Origins that focuses on the combat. It shows a member of the dev team attack an enemy stronghold, showcasing all the different ways you can hurt people. It’s also narrated by game director Ashraf Ismail, who offers explanations for what’s happening on screen at crucial times. It is both educational and amusing. And it has flaming camels.

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ac combat video camels on fire
Assassin’s Creed Origins Combat Video Shows Camels On Fire

It starts off with a poorly equipped, level one Bayek infiltrating the outpost only to have his ass kicked. Sending his pidgeon to scout out the area, he finds out that everyone inside is much to strong for him, but he still ends up trying. The point is to show players the game won’t stop them from getting in way over their heads. Stealth takedowns don’t work on these enemies – their necks are far too muscled for lvl 1 Bayek to snap.

He returns as end-game Bayek, equipped with gold tier weapons, wearing a black hood. Things are different now. The necks that gave him trouble long ago are no match for his bulging biceps. He snaps a few only to get closure, then goes in bows blazing. The video shows off all kinds of different weapons in action – regular bows, shotgun bows, dual swords, scepters and more. The game will allow you to use torches to set fire to your arrows. Enemies hit with these flaming arrows will take damage over time, but they also might end up stunned, trying to put out the fire while screaming eerily.

The previous games were criticized for their combat a lot, and Origins seems intent on shaking things up. Will it be enough to save the series from the rut it is currently stuck in? We’ll find out on October 27th, which is when AC: Origins is supposed to launch on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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