AC Origins Curse of The Pharaohs DLC Map Revealed

Curse of The Pharaohs is the upcoming DLC for Assassin’s Creed Origins. It’s going to be released on March 13th, and it’s supposed to be quite a bit bigger than The Hidden Ones, which was the previous one. It’s going to send Bayek to Thebes, where he’ll have to fight dead kings, fantastical beasts and possibly constructs of his own mind. There was a gameplay demonstration recently, and the footage from it provided an overview of the entire map of the add-on.

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ac origins curse of pharaoh dlc map revealed
AC Origins Curse of The Pharaohs DLC Map Revealed

At first glance, it’s not exactly imposing. There are five areas on the new map, with the city of Thebes being the sixth. They are the Valley of The Kings, Thebes Nome, the Theban Necropolis, the Waset Desert and Yebu Nome. Not too shabby, but nothing to write home about, right?

However, it turns out the dead kings thing is going to be much bigger than the developers let on. In order to face the pharaohs, Bayek will have to go into their tombs and enter the afterlife. We’ve seen one area, called Aaru, but it’s uncertain whether this will be the only place in the afterlife we’ll get to visit. Hopefully each king has their own version of the afterlife – that would justify the price of admission, which is two times the price of The Hidden Ones.

The developers claim it’s going to take you anywhere from fifteen to twenty hours to finish this one, and it’s supposed to be three times as big as The Hidden Ones. Our advice would be to wait for reviews – all will be revealed when the DLC launches, and if the previous is anything to go by, the press will have access to early code. Just don’t preorder it and you’ll be fine.

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