Kingdom Come Deliverance Questions & Answers Quest Bug Workaround

Questions and Answers is a main quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It has a very serious, game-breaking bug tied to the Pestilence side quest. It’s a pretty major problem that can cost you hours of progress. To help you out, let’s see how to work around Questions & Answers bug in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Questions & Answers Quest Bug Workaround
Kingdom Come Deliverance Questions & Answers Quest Bug Workaround

Among many other game-breaking glitches in Kingdom Come Deliverance, there’s at least one in the Questions and Answers quest. It’s weirdly tied to the Pestilence quest. Apparently, completing the Pestilence quest completely breaks Questions and Answers, completely barring you from completing it. A key cutscene just won’t trigger, and sir Radzig will walk away without giving you a second glance. And Questions and Answers is a main quest, so it completely locks the rest of the game from you.

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How to Solve Questions & Answers Quest Bug in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

To solve this game-breaking bug in Kingdom Come Deliverance Questions and Answers quest, you absolutely have to finish it before completing the Pestilence side quest. According to Reddit user AshThePurger, if you have already completed the Pestilence side quest, you still have a small window to complete the other one. After dispensing the cure, you have to wait around for a couple of days until the quest is over. In that small window, you have to book it to Radzig and report to him.

If, however, you can’t make it to Radzig in time, you’ll likely have to load a save where you haven’t completed the Pestilence quest. True, some players have managed to trigger the offending cutscene in increasingly ridiculous and desperate ways. It runs the gambit from exiting and reentering the camp, to smacking Radzig’s horse on the ass. However, not finishing the Pestilence quest before completing Questions and Answers seems to be the only surefire way.

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