AC Origins Curse of The Pharaohs New Skills & Abilities Revealed

Assassin’s Creed Origins new DLC, Curse of The Pharaohs, was recently showcased via a lengthy gameplay video. The footage showed off the new map, enemies, items and environments we’ll get to explore, but it also gave us a glimpse of the new skills and abilities we’ll get to unlock. It’s no woder these are being added, as the DLC will increase the level cap considerably. Some of them are great, some are not that useful – jump below the break for a detailed breakdown of the ones we’ve seen.

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ac origins curse of the pharaohs skills abilities
AC Origins Curse of The Pharaohs New Skills & Abilities Revealed

The warrior tree will now contain a skill called Dash Boost, which increases your damage for a while after you perform a perfect dodge. There’s also Overpower Fury, a skill that refills some of your health and clears status effects when you perform an Overpower attack.

The seer tree will get Favor of Osiris, which replenishes your stock of tools when you’re in the afterlife areas. The hunter tree will be getting four new abilities – one for each type of bow. The predator bow one will turn enemies killed with this weapon into poisoned corpses. The one for the sniper bow will allow you to shoot through shields when you charge your shot. The light bow skill will add a combo multiplier, letting you deal more damage. The warrior bow will now cause bleeding if the shot doesn’t kill.

From what we’ve seen, all the skills will be pricey – two to three ability points each. The expansion will no doubt offer you the chance to earn new ability points, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some saved up before it’s released.

Curse of The Pharaohs will be released on March 13th, on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. If you’ve bought the season pass, it will be unlocked automatically.

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