AC Origins Dead End Papyrus Puzzle Guide

Dead End papyrus puzzle in AC Origins will teach you about the agriculture of ancient Egypt. The scroll can be picked up in Kanopis Nome, a level 11-13 zone, while the clues will take you to another area to the south. If you’re stuck, make sure you scroll down and check out our AC Origins Dead End papyrus puzzle guide, which will show you both the scroll’s location and the riddle’s solution.

AC Origins Dead End Papyrus Puzzle Solution Guide
Assassin’s Creed Origins Dead End Papyrus Puzzle Solution Guide

Zephyros Stables scroll location

The Zephyros Stables are located in the middle of Kanopos Nome, east from Alexandria. This is a zone with a large chariot racing stadium that dominates its central part. The Zephyros Stables are just east from it.The papyrus is southeast from its map marker. You’ll come across a small shack where chariot repairs take place. The scroll is in the corner of the room, on the table. You’ll see some chariot wheels hanging from the wall near it.

Dead End Riddle Solution

Description: In Sapi-Res Nome, north of Letopolis Temple, you can find me in the farmland. I lay where man’s creation brings the Nile’s water to desert sand.

The first sentence pretty much reveals the exact location of the prize. Sapi-Res Nome is the second zone to the south from Kanopos Nome. Go toward the southern part of this area, where the Letopolis Temple is.

The farmland mentioned in the first sentence is quite noticeable from the distance, northwest from Letopolis. Regardless of whether you come from the nearby river, or land, you can enjoy the view of the bright green fields. You’ll need to go a bit deeper into the land, close to the dry palm trees. The second sentence comes in handy here, as it describes the spot more clearly. The man’s creation that brings water to the desert is a stone canal with wooden gates. Follow it until it reaches the forest to the west, and the water slowly dries out in a dead end. The item will be at the spot where the water stops.
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