AC Origins Nature's Way Papyrus Puzzle Walkthrough

Nature’s Way is one of the papyrus puzzles in Assassin’s Creed Origins. You can find the scroll that starts this treasure hunt at the Great Synagogue in Alexandria, but you’ll have to travel to a different area to get the prize. Since there’s a riddle involved, it can be tough to work out. That why we’ve written a detailed AC Origins Nature’s Way papyrus puzzle solution guide.

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Great Synagogue scroll location

The scroll can be found in front of the Great Synagogue, on the eastern edge of Alexandria. Stand by the fountain and look towards the door – you’ll see an orange canopy on your right. The papyrus is on a table under it.

Nature’s Way riddle solution

Description: In the east section of the Kanopos Nome is a ravaged land, where many trees fell and lost their home. I’m by the orphan tree whose parents fell down nearby, pointing towards their lonely daughter.

It’s pretty clear you have to travel to Kanopos Nome, the area bordering Alexandria to the east. You should head to the eastern island, since that’s where the riddle tells you to go. There’s a large deforested area in the middle of the isle – it’s a brown spot on the map, surrounded by greenery. You’re looking for “an orphan tree whose parents fell down nearby”, which means a tree that’s still standing, but is surrounded by felled ones. Your destination is next to one of the smaller roads, and you’ll probably recognize it by the two large downed palms, pointing at a shorter one from different directions.


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