Assassin's Creed Origins Getting New Game Plus Mode

Assassin’s Creed Origins is finally getting its New Game Plus mode, along with the Discovery Tour mode. The New Game Plus mode doesn’t seem to offer that much more than the main game. That being said, you do get some kind of unique reward for beating NG +, so it’s probably worth a spin.

Assassin's Creed Origins Getting New Game Plus Mode
Assassin’s Creed Origins Getting New Game Plus Mode

After a while of fans asking for it, and a tease on Reddit, New Game Plus is finally coming to Assassin’s Creed Origins. The launch date is February 20th, and it comes out together with the equally long-awaited Discovery Tour mode. According to the announcement, there’s really not much special about the New Game Plus mode, apart from some kind of special reward you can get by playing through it.

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So, what exactly does New Game Plus mode entail in Assassin’s Creed Origins? As in many New Game + modes, all of your character progression will carry over. This includes equipment (outfits, mounts, shields, tools, weapons), abilities unlocked and ability points earned, crafting status, player level, experience, and inventory (materials, tools, trinkets, arrows, animal goods). However, the game will restart when you start New Game Plus. That means some elements will reset. This includes targets, discovered territories, location and quest completion, Senu’s perception, quest items, and papyri. Your hidden blade will be unequipped, but the crafting status will carry over once you reach that point in the story.

Activities such as Arena, Hippodrome, and Trials of the Gods are connected to the story, so you’ll have to push through to unlock them again. Enemies will scale in difficulty, of course, up to Nightmare level. The loot system remains the same in NG+, and beating it will earn a “unique reward”. The NG+ will be a separate save from your previous playthrough. To unlock the mode, you, of course have to beat the main game. Then, just select it from the title screen.

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