Kingdom Come Deliverance Miracles While You Wait - How to Get Branch

Miracles While You Wait is a side quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It’s about helping a charlatan by bringing him a bunch of items – Procopius’ tooth, a branch with a topping-out from the monastery, a cat’s paw, and a dead man’s shroud. As usual, the quest is ridden with bugs, which makes it hard to complete. This guide will help you finish the Kingdom Come Deliverance Miracles While You Wait quest.

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kingdom come deliverance miracles while you wait quest
Kingdom Come Deliverance Miracles While You Wait – How to Get Branch

How to get Procopius’ tooth?

The easiest way is to knock Procopius out and simply pull it yourself – either after a fistfight, or by sneaking up to him and putting him in a stranglehold. If you abhor violence, you can try to convince him to have the tooth pulled. He’ll start walking over to the blacksmith’s, but you’ll have to encourage him along the way.

You may encounter a bug which makes him turn around and start going back, even though you’ve constantly given him encouragement. If you do, you can either give it time (some players claim the matter resolved itself after 10-15 minutes), or you can knock him out as soon as you’re out of sight.

How to get branch from the topping-out?

The branch is high up on the wall of the monastery. Climb the scaffolding to the top, and you won’t be able to miss it. In order to get it down, you’ll have to shoot it with an arrow. When you manage to hit it, a part will fall off. Go down to the ground and get it – it will be by the gate.

How to get burial shroud?

Getting the dead man’s clothes is also a piece of cake if you don’t object to dishing out the odd bump on the noggin. When you get into the church, you’ll see the mourning son. Choke him out and get the shroud.

If you don’t want to hurt him, there’s another way. Be warned that even if you persuade him to donate his father’s garb to the needy in order to atone for the dead man’s sins, he’ll yell for the guards as soon as you take it. It’s a bug. Of course it is. However, if you go to the inn and ask around about old Loukota, you can try to pass as his nephew. Here are the answers you need to pick if you want to fool the relatives:

  1. I came to say farewell to a relative (lie)
  2. We’re from Vlashim
  3. Lucy, of course

The mourning man will then turn his back to you, to let you pay your respects.

Charlatan bugs in Miracles While You Wait quest

The game has a tendency to bug out during the conversations with the charlatan. Never speak to him while sitting down – this seems like the most common trigger. He also has a habit of not talking to you after he tells you to meet him in his dwelling. You can try to wait it out, but there’s no surefire solution.



  1. K
    Kory K

    I encountered the bug where Procopius turns around instead of heading to the blacksmith. I just auto-waited roughly a half-hour, and it went straight into the cut-scene of him having his tooth pulled. PS4 version.

  2. B

    Did the samething as Kory K. The NPC tried to start walking back again. I just pressed auto wait for 1-2h then the cutsense started

  3. A

    I encountered the bug where the charlatan wouldn’t let me talk to him, so I followed him into his room and you are able to speak to him there.

  4. V

    Does he actually meet you in Ledetchko after he makes a run for it ? Or is this just a fluke ? 😉

  5. J

    How can i get the quest does it have some requirements to get it, i alredy tres to speak whit hum but i want able to get the quest

  6. M

    Another quest I cannot finish because of some broken mechanic. Shoot the tree branch how many times? I wasted over 60 arrows all over the branch and beam it is tied to, to no avail. sigh.

    1. R

      just shoot the middle a few times, some arrows fly straight through, one should hit it and break a branch off. The objective reached symbol appears on screen ans the branch is on the ground to collect

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