Kingdom Come Deliverance In God's Hands - Father Simon, Johanka

In God’s Hands is a side quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It’s a pretty long and convoluted affair, in which you’ll be tasked with helping several wounded refugees at the monastery. Hans, Phillip, Semek, the insomniac and the villager with the broken leg all require different treatments. You also might have trouble finding Father Simon and Johanka when you need them. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Kingdom Come Deliverance In God’s Hands quest, how to help with healing the sick and get better conditions for them.

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kingdom come deliverance in god's hands quest
Kingdom Come Deliverance In God’s Hands – Father Simon, Johanka

How to help insomniac fall asleep?

To help the insomniac fall asleep, you’ll need to brew the Lullaby potion. You can get the recipe by asking brother Nicodemus about it. You’ll need poppy, herb paris and thistle for it.

Where to find bandages for Hans?

You’ll need ten bandages to rebind Hans’ wound. You’ll find 6 or so in the infirmary – the rest will have to come from your private stash.

How to help the man with the broken leg?

If you have the first aid skill of a sufficiently high level, you can fix his leg yourself. If not, you can talk to the executioner in Rattay, who’ll instruct you on how to fix the man up.

Where to find healing herbs for Semek?

The herb Semek needs is called Comfrey. It has a purple flower, and grows near water. You can find some next to the garden brother Nicodemus asks you to fix up in the Weeds quest. You only need one.

Where to find father Simon?

In order to help Phillip, you’ll need to find father Simon. For us, he was in Rovna, living in a hut near the church. We had saved him during the Man of the Cloth quest, however there have been reports of the quest bugging out. It turns out you can find him even without the quest – he’s in the forest west of Skallitz, near the source of the east-flowing stream. He’ll tell you how to brew the Artemisia potion, which is what you’ll need to give Phillip. It requires some wormwood and sage.

Where to find Johanka?

Johanka can be found in several places. She sleeps in the left corner of the stable, on the floor. When she isn’t there, or tending to the wounded and sick in front of (or inside) the house, you can find her at the table in the kitchen. If you’ve started the Pestilence quest along with this one, she can also wander off to Merhojed to tend to the sick there.

How to get better conditions for the sick & where to find Custodian?

After a bit of talking, it becomes clear the Custodian is the only one who can help with this problem. At some point during the quest, he’ll come to invite Johanka to a banquet. If you have a stronger speech skill than him (his is 13), you can suggest holding the banquet in the infirmary. Afterwards, you’ll have to talk to him again. Many players are having trouble finding him after the cinematic. We managed to ambush him as he was leaving his house in the morning. You can either suggest Johanka would appreciate his help (which requires you to have more than 11 speech), or offer to pay him.



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    If you do not complete this mission in reasonable time, all the sick will die and you will fail the mission.

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