AC Origins Helix Credits Prices, Bundles & What You Can Spend Them On

Helix Credits are a premium currency in Assassin’s Creed Origins. You can buy them using real money, then spend them on various in-game items and advantages (Ubisoft calls these “time savers”). There are several bundles available, and the bigger ones offer more “value”. Previous games did allow you to get a certain sum through in-game activities – this doesn’t seem to be the case with AC Origins, which just drops 200 of them in your lap near the beginning and sends you on your merry way.

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ac origins helix credits prices
AC Origins Helix Credits Prices, Bundles & What You Can Spend Them On

If that sounds like your idea of fun, you can grab one of the bundles available on Uplay, PSN, the Xbox store, or even at third-party retailers. The cheapest one is $5, and it will give you 500 helix credits. Shelling out $10 will get you 1050 pretend money, and if you decide on the $20 pack, you’ll end up with 2400 of them. Ubisoft is calling that last one the “most popular”, although we doubt they have enough data at this point for such a claim. For the big spenders among you, there’s $35 bundle that gets you 4600 HC, as well as a $50 one that gives you 7400 credits.

But what can you buy with these nebulous cyber coins? Pretty much anything, it turns out. There are three fancy outfits you can get: Pharaoh Armor, Scarab Soldier and Mummy. Then there are the Sand-Dweller and Unicorn mounts. A bunch of gear: shields (SPQR, Scorpio), swords (Silver Wind, Aruna, Thorn), daggers (Eyes of Horus, Wadjet’s Knives), bows (Lord of Bones, Hunger of the Underworld, Griffin, Lion’s Mane, Cobra Royale, Wings of Ashur), heavy blades (Mushussu, Shark Fin), spears (Lance of Anhur, Golden Feather), staves and scepters (Eye of Ra, Apep’s Staff, Alexandria’s Light, Scorpion Sting).

Most importantly, there are the “time savers”. They will let you skip over what Ubisoft obviously considers a waste of time, like hunting for collectibles, gathering crafting materials, leveling up or earning money. You can buy drachma packs, material packs, ability points and maps that add hard to find locations to your personal map. The only thing that’s missing is a purchase that would end the game and unlock all the achievements for you.

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    Hi ketchua, nice wrtieup on Helix. One important thing you did not mention: Are Helix Credits, which you paid for like you paid a DLC, carryover to a new game, like any DLC would? If these credits do not, then it would mean we have to buy these credits with cash over and over with each new game. That sounds really greedy, doesn’t it?

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