AC Origins How to Make Money - Best Ways to Earn Drachmas

Drachmas are the main currency in Assassin’s Creed Origins. These gold coins can be used to buy weapons, armor, mounts, arrows and darts, as well as the infamous Heka chests. There are a bunch of ways to get them, but it’s mostly a slow trickle. Some activities are more lucrative than others, however, so if you’re looking to make money, they’re the ones you should focus on. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to make money in AC Origins.

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ac origins how to make money
AC Origins How to Make Money – Best Ways to Earn Drachmas

How to get gold fast?

Side quess are a great way to earn gold. Most of them won’t pay too well, but some are amazingly lucrative. For example, The Last Bodyguard quest – you can start it in Alexandria once you reach level 15. You’ll have to protect a woman while she goes about her business, and you’ll be rewarded with a bit less than 600 drachmas. Always be on the lookout for tasks like this one. Apply common sense – if a farmer asks you for help, don’t expect much in the way of money. However, if the quest giver is a fat merchant, you can expect to be well compensated.

Another good source of income are the papyrus puzzles. There are 25 of them, and each will net you 300 drachmas upon completion. That’s 7500 gold pieces in total, and you don’t even have to fight most of the time – simply solve the riddle and get the treasure.

Once you reach Alexandria, you can take part in chariot races at the Lageion Hippodrome. There are several tournaments you can sign up for, as well as time trials and even competing with your friends. They’re not especially lucrative, but you can repeat them. You can also win mounts here, so you shouldn’t miss it.

Finally, you can buy drachmas with real money via helix credits. We would advise against this, but it’s your call. You can spend the 200 free helix credits the game gives you on a pack with 2000 drachmas either way.

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