AC Origins Hidden Ones Legendary Mount Is Called Hammer of Ptah

The Hidden Ones is the first bigger piece of DLC released for Assassin’s Creed Origins. It launched today, and among other things, it added a new legendary mount into the game. Players have already discovered it’s a fancy horse called Hammer of Ptah. It’s pretty easy to obtain, too, as you’ll get it after completing a certain side quest.

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ac origins hidden ones legendary mount hammer of ptah
AC Origins Hidden Ones Legendary Mount Is Called Hammer of Ptah

As for the mount itself, well… it looks like a Roman centurion, if Roman centurions were horses. It’s dressed in a mixture of white and red cloth, with scaled armor, a mask and a helmet with a crest, much like a Roman galea. It’s a pretty fancy armor, and it goes well with Bayek’s new suit.

In order to get it, all you have to do is finish a quest called “Killer Shadow”. This is a level 42 side quest, which you can start by reading a letter at the entrance to the Klysma Quarry, in the Klysma Nome area. Simply drop down into the shaft entrance, walk up to the desk and check out the Way of Horus parchment. You’ll be pointed towards a secret room inside the mine, where you’ll talk to a child slave.

The kid will address you as Killer Shadow, and ask you to do away with the slave merchant that sold him and his friends to the mine’s owners. He’s near, in the area to the north, so you won’t have to travel much. He has a carriage with a cage in the back, and several mounted guards. If you’re at the suggested level, you should be able to deal with them easily – just stay on your mount at all times.

Once you’ve taken care of the scum, release the slave in the back of the carriage, and you’ll get the Hammer of Ptah legendary mount.

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