God of War 2018 Release Date Revealed, New Story Trailer

The new God of War will be coming out a little later than a lot of people have expected. Leaked dates across several stores seemed to indicate a launch in late March, but that won’t be the case. Instead, the game will launch on April 20th. God of War also got a new and exciting story trailer.

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God of War 2018 Release Date Revealed, New Story Trailer
God of War 2018 Release Date Revealed, New Story Trailer

Finally. After weeks of speculation, and leaked release dates on various store fronts, the new God of War finally has a release date. It’s coming out in late April, specifically, April 20th. Make your own 420 jokes; everyone else already has. It seems that the release date has been moved from the first quarter of 2018 for about a month. This makes sense, since a lot will be on Sony’s plate in March. Considering that this is the grand return of the God of War franchise, it makes sense to release it a bit later, so it gets the attention it deserves.

Along with the launch date announcement came a story trailer, which you can check out below. It does offer some answers to the many questions that fans have been asking, but also raises so many new questions. The video starts with Atreus performing burial rites on his mother, while saying a Viking prayer (Lo, there do I see my father…). It would appear that Atreus’s mother might have been a regular mortal, after all. The woman that we’ve seen in previous videos is not the mother, so it’s going to be interesting to learn who exactly she is.

We also finally learn who the mysterious voice that we’ve heard across some of the promo material belongs to. It’s Mimir, whose head Odin carries around, and it tells him secret knowledge. In this version, it appears that Kratos beheads him, so we already have some disparities from the Norse myths, in true God of War fashion. That being said, there’s a lot of questions that the video makes me ask. For example, how does Kratos’s curse affect Atreus? Why do the characters talk of Atreus as a ticking time bomb? What is going on with Kratos’s arm? Who is the woman, and why is she helping Kratos and Atreus? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait until April 20th to find out.

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