AC Origins His Secret Service Side Quest - Where to find Centurion

His Secrete Service is a level 38 side quest in Assassin’s Creed: Origins. This is a rather short side quest that takes you through the two military camps, and awards you with 3000 experience points. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all His Secret Service side quest objectives in AC Origins.

Assassin's Creed Origins His Secret Service Side Quest Walkthrough
Assassin’s Creed Origins His Secret Service Side Quest Walkthrough

His Secret Service Starting NPC

The Assassin’s Creed: Origins side quest “His Secret Service” is found inside Chersonesos Roman Fort, in northeastern Marmarica (37-40 level zone). The starting NPC is imprisoned in the northeastern part of the military camp. You can avoid all hostiles by going around the camp while keeping close to the edge. The quest starts as soon as you get close to this particular spy.

AC Origins His Secret Service Starting NPC
His Secret Service Starting NPC
If you free other imprisoned spies and animals, you can make a distraction for the Roman soldiers, and use the confusion to leave the camp unnoticed. You’ll have to carry the prisoner out of the compound, but as soon as you leave it, you can put the prisoner on the ground, and talk to him. This will complete the first objective, “Carry the Prisoner out of Chersonesos Roman Fort”, and start the next one, where you have to talk with him. He will inform you about his situation, and ask for a favor. He needs help with the next objective that completes the quest.

Retrieve the Spy List – Find Centurion

To complete the last objective, you’ll need to find and kill the Centurion in Hydrax Roman Camp, located just 700 m to the south. The centurion you need to kill is sometimes found on the second floor of the tower. He’s walking around with a shield and a leather animal hat. Just as always, you can track him down with Senu.

AC Origins Retrieve the Spy List Find Centurion
Find Centurion and Retrieve the Spy List
If you come around the camp, you can avoid all the soldiers, and eventually kill the captain that stands alone on the wooden balcony, close to the brazier.

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  1. B

    I cant find the centurion, i have cleared the hydrax fort i have searched all other locations and nothing… This is so irritating, been like this since day one, still no patch or fix… Ubisoft are just sort…

    1. L
      La Pistola

      Same experience here. I’ve cleared Hydrax and every other location in the region twice. No sign of this spy list and Senu doesn’t see anything.

      1. B

        I ran into the same problem but when I completed the mission *Shadows of Apollo* it was the same spy list so it completed both missions.

    2. S

      There’s a guy hiding in the woods north of balagrae if you get close to him he’ll reactivate the spy list both spy lists are in the same place which is where the glitch came from

      1. A
        A J stabo

        Can’t tell you how greatful i am thanks so much A J

    3. A

      Simple fix for this glitch:

      1. open “Quests”
      2. Press “Y”/”Triangle” to reload the quest objective

      Should respawn you near where you were and the centurion should be at the camp now, if he’s not at the camp then he’s likely at one of the three towers.

      1. A

        Thank you! This heled A LOT!!!

    4. B

      I ran into the same issue. I finally logged all the way out of the game then re-logged and the game put me close to the map marker and was able to use the eagle to locate him.

    5. P

      Same here I been trying to find him but I can’t I clear all three of the places out an still no sign of him

  2. A
    A boeh

    I had this glitch so I did my other quest “shadow of apollo” and during that quest you find a man who tells you about the list and sends you to find it. This than can finish this quest as it continues on to it

    1. R

      This helped thanks ?

    2. J

      Really helped. Thanks!

  3. B

    I forgot i even had the quest but when i killed this random centurion that popped up after i killed everyone at bemulos roman tower in marmarica, he dropped a quest note for spies in balagrae and i finished the quest.

  4. R

    It’s worth mentioning that if you deal with centurion and the list before freeing the guy at Chersonesos Roman Fort the quest will end right there after speaking with him.

  5. O

    He is not at one specific site. He is on horseback patrolling the roads between the various Roman towers on the eastern side of Marmarica

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