Super Mario 64 Secret Area - How to Access in Mario Odyssey

Super Mario 64 Area is a secret place in Mario Odyssey where all players have a chance to see how first 3D Mario world looked like. Before you can jump into this area, there are some things that you have to do in preparation. If you’re stuck, this guide will show you how to enter Super Mario 64 Area and get additional moons.

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mario 64 suite
Super Mario 64 Suite

This is just one of the secrets that you’ll come across in this huge Mario world, but we have to warn you that the following story contains spoilers about the game’s ending and what happens after you finish the main story. Once you complete the game, you’ll be able to revisit and explore all the kingdoms and collect all power moons and buy new outfits. You’ll also unlock Mushroom Kingdom where you can see princess Peach’s castle. This castle is the place where you’ll find your precious Yoshi.

How to access Super Mario 64 Secret Area

But, before you continue this new journey, you’ll have to spend some moons, visit Crazy Caps shop in Mushroom Kingdom and buy Mario 64 Cap and Mario 64 suit. Without this costume, you’ll not be able to enter Super Mario 64 Area in Mario Odyssey.

The entrance to this secret place is near princess Peach’s castle. On the left side of the castle, go down the hill and you’ll come across Toad in front of the locked door. Talk to him, and he’ll unlock the door and let you in only if you are wearing Super Mario 64 costume. It’s a pretty small area, but you can collect two moons inside. The first moon Courtyard Chest Trap is a reward for opening all the chests, and the second moon – Totally Classic you’ll get when you throw your cap on the star in the middle of the pool.

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