AC Origins How to Beat Sobek - Trials of The Gods

The second Trial of the Gods in Assassin’s Creed Origins has gone live. This week, it’s Sobek, represented as a giant human with a crocodile’s head. The fight is very similar to the one against Anubis – if you’ve already finished the first trial, you’ll handle this one without a problem. If this is your first god boss, he might give you a hard time. That’s why we’ve decided to write a guide which shows how to beat Sobek in AC Origins.

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How to start Trial of Sobek?

Make sure the game is updated before you run it. Once you’ve loaded up your save file, you’ll automatically get the Trial of Sobek quest. It will tell you about another Animus error, and point you towards a place in Herakleion Nome, the area in the northeastern corner of the map. You’ll see a giant beam of light once you get there – simply walk into it to start the fight.

How to kill Sobek?

The principle is the same like in the previous trial – shoot the giant glowing orb embedded in the boss’ chest. Equip a light bow before the fight – you won’t have time to aim, so take one that’s fast. He has two attacks in the first phase – a shockwave that goes in a straight line towards you, and a fist slam which causes damage in several areas in front of him. Simply keep your eyes on the ground, and avoid standing in the red areas.

At some point, he’ll start summoning skeletons. Hitting them will also damage him, and you won’t need to spend any arrows. When you’re out of ammo, make sure to loot the pouches around the arena. When you’ve damaged Sobek enough, he’ll add another attack to his repertoire – a hail of arrows. It covers a really wide area, and you won’t be able to dodge it most of the time. However, a shield can stop the arrows, completely blocking the damage you’d otherwise take.