AC Origins Cursed Weapons Reduce Bayek's Health

Weapons in Assassin’s Creed Origins can have a bunch of different attributes. Apart from their move sets and damage output, this is what sets them apart and makes each piece of gear unique. Most of them are pretty straightforward – they cause additional elemental damage, provide a better critical hit chance, improve your performance based on positioning and such. However, there’s an air of confusion surrounding one particular attirbute.

Since you can switch up gear pretty often, you might not even notice a change when you equip a cursed weapon. You’ll probably go for it for the high damage and ignore the description text. After a while, you might notice your health isn’t regenerating fully. In fact, it’s regenerating pretty poorly. You can thank this particular brand of attribute for that. Cursed weapons do double damage, but they also whittle down your max health to one third of its regular value.

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It might seem harmful at first glance, maybe even useless, but it has its place. It’s a great attribute to have when you’re not taking a lot of damage. This means it’s a good fit for stealthy players, who’ll defeat most enemies without giving them a chance to retaliate. It’s also good for those who prefer bows and ranged combat. If you plan on using it in straight up melee, be prepared to dodge and parry a lot. No matter your style of play, if you don’t plan on taking damage often, it’s a great modifier to have.

If you do decide to use it, it would be best if you could pair it with the Health on Hit attribute, which heals you a tiny bit every time you hit an enemy. This way, your health bar would stay topped even when you get into a scuffle.

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  1. J

    How do u heal Bayek from a cursed weapon?

    1. J
      Jonah A

      Unequip it lol

  2. A

    I lost my 2 health lines i just have the last line and it wont regenrate plz help me

    1. T

      Check your equipped weapons. If one of them says cursed, equip another weapon in its place and the bars will fill up again.

      1. A

        Never mind. I had the cursed weapon still equipped but Bayek wasn’t holding it. I didn’t know that if u had the cursed weapon still equipped but a non cursed weapon held it would still lower your health…

  3. A

    I equipped Bayek with a cursed weapon without realizing. After I realized I switched it back to my old weapon with no curse. But my health bar is still at the lowest one. I’ve changed my weapon multiple times to fix this. And purposely killed Bayek once to see if that was fix it (idk why I thought that would). But nothing has worked….HELP! Plz

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