AC Origins Hyena Main Quest - Objectives Not Showing Up

The Hyena is a main quest in Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Many people are having problems with it, mostly due to objectives not showing up. Since this is part of the main story, it stops players from progressing. There are a couple of fixes that may help. In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix AC Origins Hyena main quest, along with a detailed walkthrough.

Assassin's Creed Origin The Hyena Main Quest Bugs and Glitches
Assassin’s Creed Origins Hyena Main Quest

How to fix The Hyena quest bug

The main issue with the Hyena quest are the objectives that aren’t showing up. This happens when you are about to investigate the clues at the hyena lair. According to a post on the official forum, this issue may happen when quitting to the title screen or closing the console during the final clue cinematic. It will be fixed in next update, according to that same post. For now, you can try reloading the quest until you can progress by investigating the clues. It may take more than one try, but it worked for some users. Be sure to check all of the clues multiple times, if necessary.

Find and Bring Mered’s horse back to the market

After you speak to Apollodorus’ contact in the Giza market, he will give you a new task. The horse you need to pick up for him is located inside the Depleted Quarry Hideout, 500m south from there. The camp is inside a deep valley, and if you decide to clear it, you’ll have to deal with a bit of resistance. Go back to Mered once you have the mount.

Investigate Khaliset’s lair to uncover her whereabouts

The next objective is to the west, about 1000m away. This is a hyena lair, where several level 20 animals are relaxing, but also an investigation area. This is where some of the issues with this quest begin.

To complete the objective at this point, you’ll need to investigate the lair. This is done by talking to a prisoner in a wooden cage, and finding Khaliset’s Drawing behind a rock inside a hyena cage. With a little luck, you’ll receive the next objective.

Investigate Khaliset’s purpose in the mysterious tomb

This part of the quest takes you inside the Pyramid of Khufu. You’ll need to explore the pyramid in search of Khaliset, until you reach the mysterious tomb.

This is the second and last investigation area. The game sometimes won’t recognize your interaction with the clues. The simple solution (the one that worked for me) is to just be persistent with the ones that don’t work initially. Sooner or later, each of them registered, and I got the next objective.

Kill Khaliset

AC Origins The Hyena Kill Khaliset
Khaliset boss fight
The boss fight is the end of this quest. Rush out from the Pyramid to get into the open and fight Khaliset and her hyenas. The biggest problem here is the desert storm. It will blur your vision and make the boss harder to see. To make the fight easier, you’ll need to rely on your abilities. Since I had upgraded melee combat, I just waited for Khaliset to come close, then used the adrenaline bar attack. You can replenish your adrenaline by fighting Hyenas, then repeat.

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