Gwent New Faction Challenge Now Live: Monsters vs Nilfgaard

Team Gwent has launched the new faction challenge. This time around, Monsters and Nilfgaard will be fighting it out. The rules of the challenge remain the same as previously, but the winning faction will receive a different reward – a special avatar border.

Gwent New Faction Challenge Now Live: Monsters vs Nilfgaard
Gwent New Faction Challenge Now Live: Monsters vs Nilfgaard

It’s time for the next Gwent faction challenge. The first time, it was Skellige against Northern Realms. This time around, the clash is between Nilfgaard and Monsters. The faction challenge is already live, and it will last until January 29th, ending at 2 PM Central European / 8 AM Eastern Time / 5 AM Pacific Time. The rules of the competition are pretty much the same as the first time around. The main difference is the reward for the winning faction, which was a Premium Card the first time around.

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Even though the challenge will work the same way as before, let’s go over how the faction challenges in Gwent work once again. In order to join the event at all, you need to win one match with either of the participating sides, Nilfgaard or Monsters. Your victories with these two factions prior to the challenge don’t count. Any wins that you may score with non-participating factions don’t count, either, but your victories against them with either Monsters of Nilfgaard do count. Wins from Casual, Pro Ladder, or Ranked are all taken into account, the only ones that aren’t are those in Friend Challenge. In the end, the faction that you have the most wins with will be considered the faction you support.

Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for: What are the rewards in this faction challenge. Supporters of the losing faction will receive 100 Meteorite Powder each, like before. Members of the winning faction, on the other hand, will get a special avatar border of the faction. Not as super-useful as a Premium Card, but hey, it’s a neat memento.

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