AC Origins Playing with Fire Side Quest - What to do after taking formula?

Playing with Fire is a level 33 side quest in Assassin’s Creed: Origins, whose objectives are bugged for some players. You’ll get this quest upon completion of The Final Weighing main story mission. The bugged part comes nearly at the end of the quest, after you steal the formula from General Agrippa. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete Playing with Fire side quest in Assassin’s Creed Origins.

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Assassin's Creed Origins Playing with Fire Side Quest Walkthrough
Assassin’s Creed Origins Playing with Fire Side Quest Walkthrough

Find and rescue Kade from the Kyrenaika Citadel

The first part of the quest takes us to the Kyrenaika Roman Citadel in the Green Mountains (level 32-35 zone). The garrison is not that heavily populated, but still, you’ll want to clear out the eastern part. Kade is found in the prison inside the cave in the northern part of the garrison.

Kade is not the only prisoner here, and you’ll need to free any other prisoners found in the compound. Luckily for us, they are close to Kade’s prison cell. Once you free them all; just backtrack where you came from, so you can avoid fighting more Romans than necessary.

To get the objective “Escort Kade out of the prison area” done, you’ll need to go a bit further away from the garrison. This is different from the many other quests where these kind of objectives usually end after a couple of steps away from danger.

Speak to Vitruvis the Engineer at the Aqueduct and help with his problem

Vitruvius, a roman engineer, is your next objective. He is found next to the aqueduct, west from the Roman garrison. If you’ve completed a quest for him before, called “The Good Roman”, Bayek will comment on his strange behavior, and you’ll skip one objective.

AC Origins Speak to Vitruvis the Engineer at the Aqueduct and help with his problem
At the end, as you help Vitruvius, he’ll inform you about the existence of his stolen formula. He will point you toward the nearby strong garrison, where you can find it.

Find and Steal the formula from General Agrippa

The easiest way to enter the nearby Kyrenaika Citadel, and probably the one that is meant for you to discover, is from the underground entrance, just below the wooden crane. There is a small pond that will take you under the citadel into the room with no enemies, just next to General Agrippa.

Once you kill General Agrippa, you’ll need to confirm the kill. This way, you’ll also pick up Vitrivius’ Formula, and receive the legendary shield “Compendium”.

Destroy the Greek Fire stockpiles – Missing Objective

Once you kill General Agrippa and retrieve Vitrivius’ Formula, the next objective, where you have to destroy barrels, should appear. For some players, this objective is bugged, and unfortunately, they can’t see its markers. This usually happens if you die during the previous objective, and the game loads in again; it can be for numerous other reasons.

AC Origins Playing with Fire Bugged Objective Destroy the Greek Fire Stockpiles
Destroy the Greek Fire stockpiles.
To complete this “bugged” objective, you’ll just need to destroy three piles of the barrels, located inside the Citadel. The first pile of barrels is found inside a small room, next to the larger inner gate, where you’ve fought General Agrippa. The next two ones are inside the northern approach part of the compound, straight ahead from the gate entrances in this area.

Be sure to be at full health if you want to burn these barrels with melee swings, as you’ll get caught in the fire, and you’ll lose health. The best way to handle them is to use fire arrows.

The Final Objective – Return to Vitruvius

Once you’ve destroyed the barrels, you’ll get the final objective – to talk with Vitruvious once again. He is still at the Aqueduct, where you can find him. Both him and Bayek will talk about their actions, for one, last time. A rather pleasant, and a bit different quest.
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