Mayor Pauline Quiz Answers Power Moon #57 - Super Mario Odyssey

Mayor Pauline Quiz in Super Marion Metro Kingdom is a side activity you can do in the game. It revolves around talking with the mayor of New Donk City. She will ask you a series of questions you have to answer. You then have to find a suitable gift for her. Since completing this side mission is crucial to getting all Metro Kingdom Power Moons, we’ve put together this guide on Mayor Pauline quiz question answers in Super Mario Odyssey.

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Mayor Pauline Quiz Answers Power Moon #57 - Super Mario Odyssey
Mayor Pauline Quiz Answers Power Moon #57 – Super Mario Odyssey

How to Answer Mayor Pauline Questions for Metro Kingdom Power Moon 57?

how to get metro kingdom power moon 57Talking with Mayor Pauline in Metro Kingdom New Donk City Hall Plaza will trigger a kind of quiz, where she will ask you a series of questions about herself. This is the first step to getting Metro Kingdom Power Moon 57 – A Request from the Mayor. You can start this quiz after you’ve defeated Bowser (it may be possible to trigger the quiz after defeating the Metro Kingdom boss, Mechawiggler). The questions she asks you appear in a random order, and your goal is to guess four right in a row. You can simply guess your way through the whole thing. To make it easier, though, here are some of the questions that you might get and the correct answers:

How am I doing as mayor of this city? – Fantastic!

What is my most treasured possession? – A hat.

What kind of music do I like? – Peppy music.

What am I bad with? – Fixing machines.

What do I just adore? – Cake.

What do you think my hobby is? – Going on walks.

Which of these things did I actually do a long time ago? – Captured by ape.

What do I plan to eat for dinner tonight? – Fried mushrooms.

When you get all four answers correctly, you’ll learn that it’s mayor Pauline’s birthday. So, the second step is to get her some kind of gift. Alternatively, you can get the gift first, then go and do the quiz; the order doesn’t matter.

Where to Find Mayor Pauline Handbag Birthday Present?

where to find mayor pauline handbag birthday present metro kingdomThe handbag for mayor Pauline is on a catwalk fairly close to where you talk to her. The easiest way to reach it is to warp to the Heliport checkpoint flag. You’ll see a large girder hanging off of a crane. Look below it, and you’ll spot the pink handbag inside a circle of coins. Pick the handbag up and simply drop back down to the Plaza, bag in tow. Talk to Pauline again, and she’ll reward you with Metro Kingdom Power Moon #57.
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