AC Origins Royal Flora Papyrus Puzzle Solution Guide

Royal Flora is a papyrus puzzle in Assassin’s Creed Origins, found in Galenos’ house. This puzzle has only one sentence in the riddle, and its loot is found not far away from the original clue spot. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find this papyrus in Galenos’ house in Assassin’s Creed Origins, the riddle solution and where the loot is.

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Galenos’ House Papyrus Puzzle Location

Galenos’ house is found in the far northeast of the map, in the zone marked as Herakleion Nome. This is a level 30-33 zone, with a larger town at its center. The place we are out for, where this puzzle is hidden, is located in its southern part. Head for the larger island and the settlement called Natho.

In the western part of Natho, there is a small mansion with a large front yard. This is Galenos’ House. Go to this house, and climb to the second floor. There is a balcony on its western part that you can parkour onto. As you enter this room, go into the corner where a desk with many papyri is. The Galenos’ House papyrus is found there on the table, next to the fireplace.

Royal Flora – King Tree

Description: In south eastern Herakleion Nome you can find me beneath the tree who fancies himself king.

This is one of the shortest papyrus riddles out there. Just like any other, it also contains almost all the clues you need to find the reward in the first sentence.

To find the King tree and the Royal Flora papyrus puzzle prize, head east from the place where you picked the papyrus up. If you zoom in on the map in the southeastern part of Herakleion Nome, you’ll spot the place where you have to go, by a tiny tree island. I’s location is fairly close to the water that surrounds the map.

Go to this part of the zone, and you’ll spot some ruins, and a rather large tree close to them. This tree has a huge crown and wide trunk, and it just gets bigger and bigger as you come close; a true specimen of royal flora, as it were. The Royal Flora papyrus loot spot is just next to this tree, closer to its southern part.

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