Star Wars Battlefront 2 Achievements / Trophies List Unveiled

The list of achievements in Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been revealed. There’s a total of forty trophies in Battlefront 2, including seventeen secret ones. Some of them are pretty easy to get, and you earn them just by playing through the campaign. Others are more difficult, and require you to show of your skills in multiplayer. On PlayStation 4, if you get all the trophies from this list, you’ll earn a Platinum Trophy.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Achievements / Trophies List Unveiled
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Achievements / Trophies List

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is coming out soon, and many players that wanted to try it out have had the chance to do so. So, more and more information about the game is coming out, including the list of achievements / trophies. There’s forty of them, some of which are hidden, and we’ve listed all of them below. Keep in mind that the list below does feature some spoilers, both in terms of hidden trophies and the Battlefront 2 campaign. If you want to avoid that, you can click away to our Star Wars Battlefront II Collectibles locations instead. Anyway, without further ado, here’s the trophy list in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

  • The Cleaner – Complete the mission “The Cleaner”. (Bronze)
  • Outbound Flight – Win a match of Starfighter Assault. (Silver)
  • There Has Been An Awakening – Reach Rank 25. (Silver)
  • The Force is Strong With This One – Reach Rank 50. (Gold)
  • Not All Miss – In multiplayer, defeat 3 enemies within one Vanguard usage 5 times. (Bronze)
  • A Dominating Presence – In multiplayer, boost 100 allies with the Officer commands. (Bronze)
  • Sentry Mode Engaged – In multiplayer, defeat 150 enemies with the Heavy’s Sentry Gun. (Bronze)
  • Scoped – In multiplayer, get 25 headshots with longblaster rifles. (Bronze)
  • The Interceptor – Get 20 Killstreaks with Interceptor ships. (Bronze)
  • The Bomber – Defeat 50 enemies using Dual Proton Torpedoes with the Bomber ship class. (Bronze)
  • Multi-tasking – Defeat 25 Hero ships with Fighter ships. (Bronze)
  • Complete Your Training – Complete all unique Battle Scenarios. (Silver)
  • There is No Such Thing As Luck – Engage in an Arcade match. (Bronze)
  • Ignore Your Instincts At Your Peril – Destroy 25 objectives in Starfighter Assault. (Bronze)
  • What a Blast – Win a match of Blast. (Bronze)
  • Strike Back – Win a match of Strike. (Bronze)
  • Battle Beyond the Stars – Win a match of Galactic Assault. (Bronze)
  • Choose Your Path – While being marked, defeat 50 enemies in Heroes Vs Villains. (Bronze)
  • Quick Strike – Be the first one to defeat an enemy in a multiplayer match. (Silver)
  • Heavy is the Hand – Win a match of Heroes vs Villains. (Silver)
  • Do. Or Do Not. There is no Try. – Play as all heroes in Multiplayer. (Silver)
  • A Galaxy at War – Win one match in each Multiplayer game mode. (Silver)
  • We are the Spark – Defeat 500 enemies as a hero on any Multiplayer map. (Silver)
  • The Battle of Endor – Complete the mission “The Battle of Endor”. (Bronze)
  • The Dauntless – Complete the mission “The Dauntless”. (Bronze)
  • The Observatory – Complete the mission “The Observatory”. (Bronze)
  • The Storm – Complete the mission “The Storm”. (Bronze)
  • Royalty – Complete the mission “Royalty”. (Silver)
  • General Distress – Complete the mission “General Distress”. (Bronze)
  • Under Covered Skies – Complete the mission “Under Covered Skies”. (Bronze)
  • Cache Grab – Complete the mission “Cache Grab”. (Bronze)
  • Until Ashes – Complete the mission “Until Ashes”. (Silver)
  • Discoveries – Complete the mission “Discoveries”. (Gold)
  • X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter – In the campaign, destroy eight starfighters in the skies of Jakku. (Silver)
  • Dark Forces – In the campaign, use the Droid to shock three enemies at once. (Silver)
  • A Job Well Done – Complete 25 Multiplayer Milestones. (Silver)
  • Balance Point – In the campaign, eliminate five enemies at once using the Barrage. (Silver)
  • Master of Deception – In the campaign, eliminate a Scout Trooper with Iden’s melee takedown. (Silver)
  • Outcasts – Complete the mission “The Outcasts”. (Bronze)
  • The Battle of Jakku – Complete the mission “The Battle of Jakku”. (Bronze)
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