AC Origins Shards from A Star Quest - Light of The Crystal Puzzle

Shards from A Star is a side quest in Assassin’s Creed Origins. It’s part of the Hidden Ones DLC, and it’s an optional mission made for characters level 43 or above. Once you’ve started it, you’ll have to solve the Light of the Crystal puzzle – it’s not hard, but there’s a bug that’s preventing a lot of players from completing it. If you’re having trouble with the mirror puzzle, our guide will help you complete the AC Origins Shards from A Star quest.

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ac origins shards from a star quest
AC Origins Shards from A Star Quest – Light of The Crystal Puzzle

In order to start the quest, you’ll have to talk to Gamilat after completing two particular quests – The Land of Turquoise and The Setting Sun. He’ll give you the Scroll of Thoth, a piece of parchment with a story that explains where you need to go and what you need to do.

Scroll of Thoth Riddle Solution

The scroll will tell you to go to the Temple of Thoth in Arsione Nome. Once you’re there, go into the courtyard, to the giant tree. Inspect the tree – you need to look for what seem to be loose branches near the ground (they’re on the southeastern side of the trunk). Hit them until they break, and you’ll find a shrine holding the Crystal of Thoth.

How to solve Light of The Crystal puzzle?

Once you have the Crystal of Thoth, climb to the top of the obelisk at the temple and place it there. Follow the beams of light down to the mirrors. You need to rotate them so they point the light towards the other mirrors, the ones embedded in the statues by the temple entrance. You should aim for the innermost statues on both sides. The one on the north is covered in cobwebs, which will stop it from reflecting the light – simply shoot it with a fire arrow to fix the problem. When both beams end up at the shrine, it will open a secret passage which will lead you to the Blades of Thoth.

Some players are experiencing glitches here – mostly the crystal or mirrors not working as intentded. If this happens to you, you’ll have to leave the quest aside and wait for a patch. There’s no way around these problems.



  1. P

    It didn’t work for me the first time so I reset the quest and the crystals illuminated the mirrors.

  2. J
    John King

    Remember that it needs to be daylight out for the light to shine on the mirrors.

  3. M

    The quest is also a bit picky about the precision of the light beams. I just had to adjust them a bit and the passage was opened.

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