Pokemon GO Gets 23 New Gen Three Pokemon from Hoenn Region

Niantic has announced the arrival of twenty-three new Hoenn Region Pokemon. They’re already popping up in the game, in fact. The new Pokemon include Whismur, Cacnea, Solrock, Nosepass, Aron, Baltoy, and several others, along with their evolution lines. This should be enough to tide us over until the Community Day event hits in late February.

Pokemon GO Gets 23 New Gen Three Pokemon from Hoenn Region
Pokemon GO Gets 23 New Gen Three Pokemon from Hoenn Region

Well, good news, fellow trainers. It might be a whole month until we get to experience the Community Day event, but, until then, we can keep busy by catching the 23 additional Generation 3 Pokemon from the Hoenn region. Niantic has announced their arrival in a recent post on the Pokemon GO website. The post doesn’t provide any other details, but the promotional image does clue us in into which Pokemon have arrived to the app now. However, that’s just some of them; some are missing.

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Luckily, Reddit user ShadowMoses05 of the Silph Road has provided a comprehensive list of the new Pokemon and their evolution trees, which together add up to twenty-three. There’s Cacnea (evolves into Cacturne), Anorith (evolves into Armaldo), Baltoy (turns into Claydol), Lileep (turns into Cradily), Numel (Camerupt), Aron (evolves into Lairon, then Aggron), Whismur (Loudred, Exploud), and Trapinch (Vibrava, Flygon). Lastly, there’s four Pokemon that don’t have an evolution line: Torkoal, Solrock, Nosepass, and Lunatone. So, there’s a bunch of new creatures to capture and evolve. It might even get me out and about, despite the cold. It’s a slim chance, but hey.

What I can’t wait for The Generation 3 Pokemon start featuring more prominently in the upcoming events. Yes, the Halloween event was about several of the Gen 3 creatures, but that was pretty limited. Hopefully, some of the Community Day events will focus on some of them. The first one will revolve around Dratini, which, admittedly, is interesting in and off its own.

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