AC Origins Thick Skin Side Quest - Crocodile, Hyena, Vulture Locations

Thick Skin is a side quest in Assassin’s Creed Origins. It starts off when a tanner’s wife sends you to help him, and he offers you a lucrative job. For a short while, you’ll serve as his hunter, bringing him vulture skulls, crocodile eggs and hyena ears, and he’ll pay you in gold coins. However, these items aren’t that easy to find. That’s why we’ve written a guide with all their locations, to help you solve AC Origins Thick Skin side quest.

ac origins thick skin side quest
AC Origins Thick Skin Side Quest – Crocodile, Hyena, Vulture Locations

Where to start Thick Skin side quest?

After you’ve hit level 13, you’ll be able to start the quest by talking to the tanner’s wife. She can be found near a clay furnace at Sau Village, in the Sap-Meh Nome area. Talk to her, and she’ll send you to her husband. His workshop is on the peninsula northwest from the village, by the water. You’ll have to defend him from a crocodile before you can speak. Don’t worry – he can’t really die, so there’s no hurry. He’ll offer to pay for certain items, which you can obtain by killing animals.

Where to find crocodile eggs, hyena ears & vulture skulls?

The crocodile eggs are dropped by crocodiles. Luckily, there’s a crocodile lair on the western tip of the peninsula. The crocodiles are a bit hard to take on, so make sure you retreat quickly while filling them with arrows. Once you’re done with them, follow the coast to the north. You’ll run into a rock outcrop soon enough – this is where the hyena lair is. Kill the beasts to get hyena ears. Just make sure they don’t surround you.

There’s a committee of vultures up on the cliff. Climb there slowly, and start pumping arrows into one. The whole group will take flight, but you only need to kill two for the vulture skulls. If you’re fast enough, you’ll get one before it takes off. Once they’re in the air, you won’t be able to do much. Run away so that they return to their nesting place, then go back and get another one. Or you can just stay there on top of the cliff and hope one decides to fly close enough for you to hit it in mid-flight.

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    Any competent archer using a Hunter or Predator bow will be able to engage and headshot the Birds in flight. Just takes 2 mins of practice. The bow is such a great addition to this franchise ATMO

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    Pro tip: when you’re first given this quest (when you speak to his wife about how bad he smells), activate your hawk and look around the area where she gives you the quest. Up on top of a pillar is a hidden chest with a note and a few pots with gold in them. If you grab this hidden chest, it will contain a bucket of perfume. When I turned the quest in with the materials to the hunter, my character also added “not to be rude but ” and then tells him he stinks and should use the perfume from now on, to make his wife happier. He gives you an extra reward and you get a bit of extra dialogue.

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    hvala brate ostao mi sve do kraja skoro nisam resio

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