AC Origins Treasure of Akhenaten Location & Puzzle Solution

Treasure of Akhenaten is a puzzle in AC Origins. It was added in the Curse of The Pharaohs DLC, and it’s quite similar to the papyrus puzzles from the base game. You’ll have to collect four tablets from different points of interest – when you do, you’ll get a special one with the riddle on it. Solve the riddle, and you’ll get the prize – which is, in this case, Mustapha’s Blade. If the riddle gives you trouble, just scroll down and take a look at our AC Origins Treasure of Akhenaten location & puzzle solution guide.

ac origins treasure of akhenaten location puzzle solution
AC Origins Treasure of Akhenaten Location & Puzzle Solution

Treasure of Akhenaten riddle solution

The riddle is a bit confusing, but some pieces of it are pretty clear. Putting them together lead us to the right location. Here are the verses of the riddle:

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In the sinister reflection of the Sun Disk, one chamber sits between two
Within its walls all knowledge cries out from a voiceless barricade
A thousand scrolls, in praise of wisdom and the Living Aten’s rays
While behind the enemy weeps, a Heretic eternal.

Where to find Treasure of Akhenaten?

To cut the story short, the treasure is in Aten, in the Chambers of Reflection. It’s in the library behind the sphinx with the outstreched arms (“all knowledge” and “a thousand scrolls” are a dead giveaway). It’s the middle building on that square, which explains the “one chamber sits between two”.

Once you’re inside, turn right (if you came from the sphinx). Look to the left side of the shelf, and you’ll see a narrow opening. Approach it and squeeze through. There’s a secret room behind the shelf, and you’ll see the white chest with golden ornaments. Mustapha’s Blade will be inside it, along with a diadem.

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  1. A
    Aaron Facey

    Thanks for the location but it looks like the weapon is random. I got the fatal duet dual swords. Looks like it is legendary quality though

  2. A

    Yeah, it’s random. Pretty disappointingly I got my 3rd Smoke and Mirrors bow from it. Least I don’t have to upgrade mine now I guess.

  3. G

    I got a Berserker Blade

  4. J

    Looking for the lower level treasure in the Shrine of Akhenaten. How the @#$$ do you get to the lower level?
    I tried underwater all around the shrine and no stairs at ground level.

    1. E
      E. Burke

      So, facing the temple stairs from the water go to your left underwater and it’s close to the top. It’ll be a nasty looking wooden plank barricade thing on the side of the stone platform if you use the scanner it’ll pop up a golden designator thing, and then just break through.
      Good luck hope this helped.

  5. T

    I got Raneb’s Hammer.

  6. E
    E. Burke

    Actually I’m sorry wrong place. I was thinking of a different location with items underwater. Ignore that comment. Oops

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