AC Origins Trials Of The Gods Anubis Battle Now Available

Trials of the Gods have arrived to Assassin’s Creed Origins. The first battle, as was announced before, is against Anubis. He’ll appear through a glitch in the Animus, along with his army. Defeating him will grant you a legendary item. If you miss out this week, worry not; you’ll be able to try again when the Trials of the Gods rotation starts over in the future.

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AC Origins Trials Of The Gods Anubis Battle Now Available
AC Origins Trials Of The Gods Anubis Battle Now Available

The first Trials of the Gods in Assassin’s Creed Origins is now live for all to play. This week, the god you’ll be battling against is Anubis, the Egyptian god of death. He’ll be hanging around for seven days, until November 14th. Anubis enters into the “real world” through a glitch in the Animus, and he brings his hordes with him to outright ruin your day. You have to defeat him, or else, he’ll draw your soul into the underworld. Naturally, since this boss is a god, the battle against him will test your skills and strategic abilities.

Naturally, there’s a handsome reward waiting for you if you do defeat Anubis. Specifically, a legendary sword. Every god you face and defeat in Trials of the Gods will grant you a piece of gear (other than the sword, there’s also a shield, staff, and bow). Collecting all four pieces of gear will also give you a special, legendary outfit. Before the event launched, people were worried that this gear is missable, if you don’t defeat the current Trial. Fortunately, according to the post on the official Assassin’s Creed website, that’s not the case. The Trials of the Gods will be on rotation, so you’ll have the opportunity to try again when the god you missed comes back.

One thing that’s important to note is that the recommended level for attempting the Anubis Trial in AC Origins is 40. You can access the battle on lower levels, but it will be much more difficult for you, because the enemies won’t scale to your level. Also, you can defeat Anubis more than once. However, you can only get the legendary sword once. And, if you’re having trouble, check out our AC Origins How to Defeat Anubis – Trials of The Gods guide.

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