AC Origins Trials of the Gods Anubis Missing Quest Item is a Bug

There’s a bug in the Trials of the Gods Anubis battle, which causes a blank slot to appear in the player’s inventory. It’s marked as Anubis Gear Set Item, and no amount of replaying the Trial makes it go away. Ubisoft is looking into the issue. Hopefully, they’ll be able to fix it soon.

AC Origins Trials of the Gods Anubis Missing Quest Item is a Bug
AC Origins Trials of the Gods Anubis Missing Quest Item is a Bug

The Trials of the Gods battle against Anubis is live in Assassin’s Creed Origins. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug plaguing the Trial. Players across all platforms have been experiencing it. What happens is, after defeating Anubis, the players get everything they should: a legendary sword, some XP, and gold. However, there’s also an Anubis Gear Set Item empty slot. It seems to indicate some kind of missing quest item. Players tried completing the Trial again and again to see if that will give them the missing item, but absolutely nothing happens. The slot remains empty.

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So, what exactly is going on there? Well, Community Representative Black_Widow9 responded to the issue on the Ubisoft forum: “The Quest Item or Fragment you’re seeing, that is blank, is actually an issue we’re investigating and shouldn’t be in-game. The reward for beating Anubis is a weapon, one of a set of four, the Quest Item. You can only obtain one weapon per Trial along with 250 drachma and 1000 XP. Once you’ve beaten Anubis, you will continue to receive XP and drachma but no further items, if you want to continue fighting the God.”

So, there you have it. The empty slot, marked Anubis Gear Set Item, is a glitch. If you got the Conductor of Souls sword, then, that’s it. That, in fact, is the quest item that you need. Of course, you can still keep defeating Anubis over and over again if you want to farm XP and drachmas, but don’t expect any other items. If you need help with the Trial, check out our AC Origins How to Defeat Anubis – Trials of The Gods guide.

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  1. D

    yea i had that problem at least i got the sword

  2. P

    I beat him again and it moved from below Siwa to Giza and is 275m below the surface when standing directly on top of it.

    1. J

      You literally beat him into the ground, man.

      1. A

        Exactly! And then after spending time here and there, the quest moved back to Siwa. I defeated Anubis again and I received an empty slot of gear set in the inventory. So far I just managed the sword.

    2. B

      mine did that too. after beating him, i left the animus to see if anything was new. came back and the mission was there again, and after beating him again- the icon on the map moved to giza. ive tried getting to it. no luck. and i’ve already cleared these nearby temples. just glitched out, i guess? ( did get the xp again on the second time though)

    3. C

      I have the same problem

  3. K

    Also have the problem-the sword, however, is dope.

    1. J

      That it is.

  4. G

    wuold be nice if it was a costume you get as well

    1. J

      You’ll have to beat the other gods for that.

  5. T

    Any idea when the other ones will be available?

  6. H

    That’s not the only issue, after Desynchronisation or exit game AFTER SAVING and restart the quest resets and i must fight again.
    Finished Quests after Fight: 127 incl. Trial of Anubis
    Finished Quests after Desynchronisation or Restart Game: 126 without Trial of Anubis

  7. D

    I’ve got same problem. Also having issues with deluxe edition content and season pass. Do they show purchased or coming soon after purchase on other people’s consoles or is it just mine. The monkeys at Ubisoft keep changing their minds and I can’t get a straightforward answer

  8. J

    I’m still waiting to get the mission quest. Battle of gods why hasn’t it showed up I’m playing on ps4

  9. K

    Just plain crap. Beat Anubis many, many times. Always got a blank and no sword. Now I can’t even get it.

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