Assassin's Creed Unity Venus Nostradamus Enigma

Venus Nostradamus Enigma is a two star difficulty mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity that will reward you with a fragment collectible upon completion. Fragments are used to unlock the special assassin armor in the Armor Room beneath your home (Cafe Theatre). Venus Enigma starts in Feydeau district close to Louvre and takes you around some of the most famous Paris sites. Third riddle was especially difficult to solve, but I got lucky so I’ll share my findings with you. Gosu Tip: Enigma riddles play a sound when you are close by so pay attention when trying to resolve some of these.

Venus Enigma Starting Location

1st Riddle Solution

Built in tribute to the Sun,
A square resplendent in nobility
Three colors brightens four walls
Now bedecked with liberty.

At first I wasn’t sure what were they referring to when they said it was “built in triibute to the Sun”. Since we are close to Louvre I thought it had something to do with the Sun King – Louis XIV. When I added that it is a square I went and Googled “sun king square paris” and that led me to Place Vendôme. Place is in the game and there are revolutionaries there with the French Tricolore everywhere so finding the rune was a piece of cake.

2nd Riddle Solution

Those wishing to enter Elysium’s Fields
Must first pay the Farmers their toll
To pass through the Western Gate
Where Triumph will soon stand tall.

I knew Triumph referred to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris which is at the end of Champs-Élysées. Champs-Élysées is actually Elysium’s Fields so I went from Louvre down Elysium’s Fields until I reached the end and found the hidden rune.

3rd Riddle Solution

A most Magnificent tower,
His great grand-daughter fashioned
To surveil her subjects and the heavens
‘Twixt Sun and Earth encaged in iron.

I had no idea where to look for this. Google searches revealed nothing I recognized. I got plain lucky finding this. I was roaming the nearby districts, discovering viewpoints, and when I went for Vendome District’s viewpoint I heard a sound of a nearby Enigma riddle solution. Eagle vision on and voilà – solved third, and final, riddle of Venus Enigma.

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  1. M

    thanks for the info ive been stuck on this one for a hours!!

  2. V
    Vana Varoe

    TY so much! You’re ,making these a breeze for me

  3. A

    Thank you for these!

  4. R

    If you were wondering about the 3rd riddle here it’s Medici’s Tower (You may remember the Medicis from Ezio’s time in AC) Catherine de Medici was great-granddaughter of Lorenzo the Magnificent and the tower is all that remains of a palace she built there – “A most Magnificent tower,
    His great grand-daughter fashioned” .. Catherine was actually a patron of Nostradamus and allowed astronomers to use the tower to observe the sky from within the iron cage at the top – “To surveil her subjects and the heavens ‘Twixt Sun and Earth encaged in iron.”

    I remember reading this when did the viewpoint earlier on but couldn’t for the life of me remember where exactly it was haha so thanks!

    1. S

      If you read the first clue again, (see above) you may be able to see why at first I thought it was Les Invalides, particularly as I hadn’t discovered Place Vendome at the time. So confusing but this guide really helped

  5. S

    You are a time saver I’ve been looking at all your posts for the enigmas and now I have 11 in just a 4 period

  6. G

    You’ve put some serious effort into this, I’ve been totally stuck in several of these and you’ve bailed me out magnificently! Well played, mate :o)

  7. B

    Was funny, I actually found the 3rd one looking for the 2nd one. Riddle contained info about farmers and west gate, which is where the tower sits. The place used to be a grain silo.

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