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Cane-swords are a type of weapon in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. They are far less lethal than Kukris, but are much more useful when you only need to stun enemies.
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You can get Cane-swords in several ways: by buying them, getting them as rewards for missions, or by reaching a specific Loyalty level with certain NPCs. In this guide we’ll show you all the Cane-swords in the game, how they look, and where you can get them.

ac syndicate cane sword
Death has never been this elegant…
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Cane-swords in AC: Syndicate

  • Initiate’s Cane-sword
    • 500£ to upgrade
  • Noble Cane-sword
    • 2500£ to buy
  • Sir Lemay’s Cane
  • Charles Dickens’ Cane-sword
    • Complete Charles Dickens memories
  • Golden Lion Cane-sword
    • Story progression required
  • Runic Mayan Cane-sword
    • Level 2 required
    • 4500£ to upgrade
  • Ivory and Jade Cane-sword
    • Needs to be crafted
    • Level 8 required
  • Light and Dark Cane-sword
    • Reach Loyalty level 3 with Robert Topping
    • Level 8 required
  • Arbaaz Mir’s Cane-sword
    • Exclusive Uplay Reward
  • Lord Pearson’s Cane Aword
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